[AUCTION ] Double Chest of Iron Shovels

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Do You Like Iron Shovels?

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  1. Item: 54 Iron Shovels
    Starting Bid: 220r
    Minimum Bid Increments 10r
    Ending Time: 24 hours after last valid bid
    Pickup: 928 SMP1

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  2. And you really think it's going to go up.

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  3. Oh darn if only I had seen this days earlier :/
  4. Is newo2001 your alt or something?
  5. It's still going :)
    Nope he's my irl friend and we both try to make alot rupees :p
  6. The iron is only worth 325r... I'll pass
  7. It's holy Wood xD
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  8. I know, I have only just finished digging out my entire residence and would have loved to have a crack at this if I would have seen it only a few days earlier...
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  9. Oh so your just helping them out with the auction? How nice of you ;)
  10. Haha thanks :)
    We talk like all day with each other over Skype, and do EMC or play on some servers (made by him, my Laptop is too slow for servers, and my internet fails lol)
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  11. Sounds like my friends and I, we talk at school (about Minecraft :p) and then when we get home we Skype (whilst we play Minecraft)... So uh yeah friends + Minecraft = FUN!!!
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  12. +1!
    When we have pauze we always walk an talk (over Minecraft :p)
    Teamwork, (and alts lol) is how WE got 246k (newo only have 3k, everything more pays he to me :))
  13. Okay lol :D
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  14. Well that doesn't seem fair to him lol... I love how the auction has been almost forgotten about lolz
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  15. He want's it lol btw, anyone, please bid xD
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