[Auction] Diamond enchanted armour (brand new)[CLOSED]

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by IronicSwordPlay, Feb 14, 2013.

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  1. This my second auction so play nice

    You will be buying

    1x Set of Diamond Armour with these enchants

    helmet: protection 4

    Chestplate: protection 4

    Trousers: protection 4

    boots: protection 4

    Start bid: 2500r
    Mim bid increase: 100r
    End time: 12hrs after this post
  2. You are in breach of 1 auction rule, to my knowledge (there may be more that I've overlooked).

    IcecreamCow said:
    You may hold ONE auction at a time per account. This means if you have username1 and username2, you can hold one auction at a time for each account. Your auction may contain several items in it, however, please do not hold multiple auctions within your one auction thread. If you would like to hold more than ONE auction at a time, please consider becoming a Supporter and taking advantage of our Supporter Auctions Forum.
    This one is something you should be aware of, but hasn't been breached in these auctions.

    The host is to stand by the rules of the auction no matter what. You are bound to selling the item of the final bid, even if you are unhappy with the final price, so make sure you start it at something you'd be happy with getting, assuming you only get one bid. You may not sell your item to anyone once you put it up for auction. If an auction ends and you do not have the item you posted for the winner, you will be blacklisted from using EMC Auctions.
    Please do take the time to read through the Auction Rules and Guidlines - here - next time

    All but 1 of your current auctions (most likely the one with the most bids) will be locked.

    Also, unless you settle the current auction dispute that you're involved with, you will be blacklisted in approx. 24 hours from all auction forums. Please keep that in mind, both seller and buyers

    Yeah, fail quote. Oops :p
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.