[ AUCTION ] DC of the silkiest string

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  1. This string is so soft and luxurious, only the perfect person fit to handle this string may have it. Is that person you? we will find out!

    Item: DC of String
    Start Bid: 500
    Minimal Increments: 150
    Ends: 24 hours after last valid bid
    Pickup: Delivering to all servers but smp3. (If on smp3, pm me and ill work it out)

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  2. Nice texture pack :3
  3. Paper cutout :3
  4. In da lead! [Night Time bump even doe i posted this like 1 hour ago]
  5. 2k
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  6. Morning Bump!
  7. 2.2K come on this is a steal!! Plus I need a buttload of dispensers
  8. I know, I know, im bumping 30 minutes early but, who cares really.
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  9. BUMP!
    Fun Fact- This auction is currently at only 0.64r per string!
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  10. In the lead! Still less than 1r per string!
  11. 2 Hours Left! Gortta Burmp
  12. 2700
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  13. Bump!
    Fun Fact You can craft 1152 bows with this much string!
  14. BOWS :U 3k!
  15. 3.5k for Fish Club!!!!!! :D
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  16. This string is the finest because it was milked from spider butts using the softest feathers.
    Just wanted to share.
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  17. Fun Fact To Go With This: You can craft 1728 fishing poles with all this!
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  18. In the lead!
    On a side note, if you have an obsidian generator, this will create a full DC of obsidian, that equals about 50k!
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