[Auction] BULK Arrows

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by drogba921, Apr 29, 2012.

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  1. *Auction allowed under the bulk clause of the Rules Thread*


    48 stacks arrows / 3108 Arrows total
    Starts at 250R
    Min bid is 50r higher
    Auction ends 12 hours after last bid
  2. is it 250k???? because thats too highhh
  3. Lol I'm out.

    Diamond supporters outbidding everybody.....bet he has a dozen double chest full of arrows.....diamond supporters....
  4. I do like my arrows ;)
  5. thanks for outbiddin me befor I got the chance to bid.:p
  6. Selling in bulk is only allowed with permission from a Senior mod, or from Justin.
  7. Stop telling me what i can and can't do when i checked it with a moderator. -_-
  8. Arrows do not constitute a 'rare' enough item to be at auction, you can sell these items in your player store.
    Only enchanted items and super rare items such as a dragon egg are allowed to be auctioned.
    Before anyone mentions that 'spawners' are being auctioned, i will give a little heads up that these spawner auctions will be disallowed very soon, as soon as we iron out some rules and regulations regarding their sales.
  9. True, but bulk times are allowed after staff approval.
  10. It does say that, but then we will be inundated with requests from players willing to auction off a "bulk' double chest of cobble/dirt/sand or any other easy to come by item.

    The reasoning we have this particular rule is to reduce the number of auctions which are held, otherwise it just gets crazy with people auctioning off things because they dont want to wait for these items to sell in their player stores.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.