[AUCTION] Archer's Dream

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  1. Ever wanted to shoot several things from afar and scare your enemies into hiding?
    Wanted to 1up the Enraged Skeletons that have threatened your lands, and even Marlix himself?
    And finally, want a Soulbound bow that'll last you a long time?
    Then this auction's for you!

    3 DC's of Unbreaking 3 Power 3 Bows
    2 DC's of Arrows
    1 DC of Tipped Arrows of Weakness (extended)
    7 Stacks of Shiny Arrows
    3 sets of 54 Skeleton Heads
    2 Vault Vouchers
    1 fresh, never-before-used Marlix Bow

    STARTING BID: 3000r
    AUCTION ENDS: 48h after last valid bid
    AUCTION PICKUP/PREVIEW: Visit +flareauction on smp8!

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  2. Bump :O
    A DC of Arrows of Weakness wasn't easy to acquire, and at any rate it's still cheap at 36k if you include the Marlix Bow and Vault Vouchers :p

    There's still plenty of time left, so keep them bids going! :D
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