As of 17 hours and 13 minutes ago, I am 16*! Ask me anything!

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  1. *at the time of posting

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  2. Woot woot! Happy Birthday! =)
  3. thx :D
  4. Happy B-Day sir :D.
  5. how does it feel to have the rest of your life ahead of you?
  6. Awesome.

    No, wait.

    No, wait.
    Awesomesauce, with sprinkles on top.

    NO, WAIT
    with sprinkles on top,
    surrounded by a lava wall,
    atop the Empire State Building,
    while Godzilla and Batman fight in the background.
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  7. thank uuuuu:D
  8. Happy birthday! What did you see when you first opened your eyes on the morning you turned sixteen?
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  9. My da. I had sort of overslept, and he was in my room roaring at me to get up. :cool:
    Took me like 20 minutes to realise it was my birthday hahaha
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  10. Happy B-Day! What was the best memory you have had in your lifetime?
  11. Not appropriate for EMC.
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  12. You have truly intrigued me.
    Good Job.
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  13. ;_;

    Well happy birthday anyway. XD

    What was the dumbest thing you have ever done?

  14. Happy Birthday :)
  15. I thought it was an Ask Me Anything. Well, what is your best memory on EMC?
  16. Even if I told you, you'd still be intrigued, believe me.

    I've done a lot of dumb things. Mostly on the Internet.
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  17. Good job!
    So what made you decide to turn 16?
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  18. I was going to make a joke, but it's probably best I didn't >.>

    Anyways, happy birthday! :D
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  19. PM me please xD
  20. Me too.