[Art] Rengar

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  1. Rengar, from League of Legends ; w ;
    So proud of this!

    Did a few edits in an attempt to have a cool avatar, but the file sizes were all too big -.-

    That's probably the best thing I'll ever manage to do on paint.net :p
  2. Bump
    Feedback appreciated
  3. Great! I don't know who Rengar is, but it definitely looks cool!
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  4. Looks pretty cool! I like how you managed to reflect his angry-ish personality and still make it cute :p
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  5. He's a champion from League of Legends, one of my favourites :p

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  6. Yay to league of legends references.
    Awesome job on the artwork, i agree with what Matheus said.
    And i noticed the blood on his teeth xD
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