Are You Buying/Selling Ham Hacker, Turkey Slicer, or Cooked Turkey?

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  1. I'm noticing a lot of threads and it's confusing to figure out who has the best deal and what deals are still active. You can find the best deal to buy/sell each item at the link below, and also list your shop as a place to buy or sell the item:

    Ham Hacker

    Turkey Slicer

    Cooked Turkey

    Feast For A King

    If you know any deals that others are offering, please add them as well so everyone can take advantage of the knowledge! Thanks.
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  2. Mind tossing feast for a king in there? I added mine.
    &Halloween promos.
  3. Feast for a king added. What Halloween promos are missing?
  4. I think the 2014 Headless Horseman Mask and the Spooky Egg. I couldn't find them anyway.
  5. Okay I added both of those.