Applications: don't leave people in the dark...

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  1. Many people apply for membership of the teams or staff and few get elected. Even so; I think the people who didn't make it also deserve a bit of closure. At least a head on confirmation that "sorry, you didn't make it".

    Now, I can understand why you wouldn't want this to happen. No one likes bringing in the bad news. Also: the optional risk of "tell me what I did wrong and I'll change" (assumption on my part). But even so.. I firmly believe in "you got to take the good with the bad". If you can bring good news, why not bring the bad news as well?

    Sure: if you don't hear back within 2 months you can be fairly sure you didn't get elected. Still... I've been giving this some thought and well...

    Why can't the 'bad' news be sent out as well?

    PS: I can come up with another reason: too many applications. But in this day & age, surely that could be automated at the very least?

    Simply not responding at all.. I dunno, it seems a bit cheap (this is no personal attack, but... One of the reasons I started my own company is because dozens don't even bother sending you a rejection to your application. I just can't help think it seems sloppy and "easy").

    Just so we're clear: this is a trigger for me but I do not compare EMC into this. Hobby vs. real life... yeah, right... Even so.. I do think a little closure could go a long way.
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  2. Not entirely sure about this.

    I'm not exactly sure when I applied for Contributor, but I joined the team at least 4 months after my app, maybe closer to 7. If they denied everyone they didn't accept... I probably wouldn't have the position I have.

    For that reason and that reason only, -1.
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  3. Just because you didn't make the cut before doesn't mean you won't in the future. I had a job I applied for a year prior (and sat through an interview but was a no-show for the second after the hiring manager refused to help me work it around my classes) call me back asking if I wanted to come in for an interview.

    So they're archived I'm sure. It's possible the candidate is strong but needs more time. I'm certain krysyy sees this all the time with staff applications.

    I'll have to agree with Penguin and give this a -1.
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  4. Hundreds of people apply (829 on the app before the current one)... We have no way to say "everyone on this document - everyone on this other document, send mass message" and then everyone would expect a conversation too.

    It serves no purpose and would be uncomfortable all around.
    And as said above, you could still have a chance the next go around. So sending a rejection notice wouldn't even be fully accurate.

    We reset the app every so often to ensure we have a fresh list of people interested and new questions based on things we've learned over time to ensure staff candidates answer the questions correctly, so were not looking at people who are inactive/not keeping up with EMC of today.
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