Apple Tree House

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  1. So it's nothing fancy but I saw in a few of the posts I read that there were wishes of people posting more of their creations so I just figured I'd post mine. I'm towards the back/mid back in SMP7 so not sure who all gets to see but this is my house:

    Not as epic looking at Steve and the Creeper but It was a wild idea that I'm slowly building onto.
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  2. Looks great!
  3. you should totally sell apples and tree saplings in that :D
  4. I guess I shoulda labeled it Panda's Stuff or something. I don't wanna take up a whole bunch of the forum so I'll just upload stuff here.

    So previously, I forgot to take a screenie of my giant music note block.
    You can kinda see it there.

    Recently with the help of Monster_ and Echo_Man I made this giant Kiwi Fruit:

    The top Kiwi Picture is Monster_ xD
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  5. omg I'm in the picture of the note block!... and oh my what pink eyes I had.
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  6. looks lovely
  7. it is lovely ;0. it's... DA BEST!