Apologies to all my Friends

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  1. To all who were on my friends list that have suddenly found yourself removed:

    Please do not be offended! It is not that I no longer want to be friends. However, with the new anti-grief update I want to limit the number of people who can freely destroy my wild creations. I drastically cut down my friends list it is now less than 1/3 of what it once was & many of the names still on are alts for those who I'm willing to trust with my wild creations. I hope you all can appreciate this & we can still remain friends, without you being on a "list".
  2. wow what a meanie head grab you pitchforks everyone
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  3. * seals all entrances with grief protected blocks *
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  4. There is a command so that people in your friend list can't break blocks so you can still be friends with them. The command is '/f blockbreak <name> <auto:yes:no>'
  5. whoops

  6. Oh wow! I had no idea (I'm terrible with commands & remembering them). So with this you can basically select which friends can/can't break your blocks? Once set, does that status remain set until I change it, or is it timed like a vouching for someone (only in reverse)?
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  7. It will remain set until you choose to change it
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  8. I cut out half of my friends list because of the limits on vouches. I had 40 and now have 19, maybe it was less. I still haven't read anywhere on if that was changed or not but I wasn't risking it
  9. Reading deeper into it, I now know you can also toggle if a friend is allowed to "vouch" for other players or not
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  10. Yeah. I'd like to mention a third option: on, off or auto. On and off do what you'd expect of them, auto resets the whole thing back to the default behaviour (which is whatever you set in /ps).

    Which is another thing to keep in mind: you can chose not to allow anyone in your friends list to break your blocks using /ps, and then only allow a select few of them with using /fr breakblock.

    There is one small detail here though: you need a command other than /fr or /p to see if you turned the option on or off for someone, so: /fr breakblock <playername>, and this obviously only works for those in your friends list.
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  11. I have yet to see anywhere where you can toggle if a friend is allowed to vouch. If that has happened it has been within the last 24-48 hours. You can toggle if all of your friends can vouch or not, that much I know was true at launch but it doesn't allow you to allow only certain friends access to that feature, which is a HUGE deal.
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  12. I knew there was one other big needed feature too, this was it. I will try to also get this in tonight so you can /f allowvouch auto|yes|no too
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  13. Here in Holland we have a saying: "Haast je langzaam", which roughly translates to "One step at a time" :)

    Anyway, I wanted to thank you again for all the effort you've put into this so far. This is truly one of the most impressive updates so far in my opinion!