"Anybody There?" FOLLOW UP (Raw screenshots 4367).

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  1. I received some nice feedback on my previous thread. This encouraged me to dig through some of my screenshots. Found some interesting ones. The second last one is current day of the thread post.
    There are some screenshots of my wild outpost in SMP7 (Location Undisclosed Lest Tracked)
    As well as some screenshots of my newest strictly architectural world offline.

    I won't be updating threads; instead posting new ones to keep content on my page flowing ^-^
    -Posting for the Public-


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  2. *Extension*

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  3. Wow, amazing
  4. Thanks!

    LOL Colin & Ryan are the best.
  5. Amazing... I photobombed you in the fourth picture. I joined right as you took it :D
    EDIT- I'd like to come see your base, if possible... Maybe.