Anti gravity structures

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  1. Hey EMC sagem4tt here and today i've been building some anti gravity structures i guess
    any ways tell me what you think i haven't seen any thing like this on emc :D
    2012-04-04_20.43.29.png 2012-04-04_20.43.45.png 2012-04-04_20.43.55.png 2012-04-04_20.44.15.png
    All of these structures are held up by either torches signs or trap doors and consist of nothing but sand :D
    Fell free to visit smp8 and take a look for your self its just to the side of the town building v 16006
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  2. This is awesome, nice share!
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  3. Cheers justin :)
  4. nice :)
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  5. Hey, what is this texture pack?
  6. It is Glimmars Steampunk Pack i really like it, its a 64x64 pack if im not mistake but the sun and moon look awesome
    Thank you :)
  7. I still have 2 corners to fill so if you guys have any ideas like a Double helix scratch that 1 corner to fill if i pic your idea you will be credited :)
  8. Where is this? I'd like to see it in person.
  9. Smp8 v 16006 just to the side of the /town :D
  10. It is a 32 x 32 texturepack, and it does look awesome! :p Amazing antigravity skillz!
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  11. Thats what i meant xD
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  12. Trolololz.
    Also, since when are torches green?
  13. Its the texture pack i am using :) Glimmars Steampunk Pack
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  14. You know what would be a cool minecraft update? If they made it so torches dissapear when its raining:p
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  15. Any idea how upset i would be :( i was thinking to myself when building it if they brought out an update that stops torches holding up sand :p
  16. Gotta check it out (the structures and the texture pack).
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  17. I had two separate double helices of lava and water that went all the way up to the world height(before the new height) on my res. Unfortunately I took them down already. I wish I had taken some screen shots of them to show you...
  18. Wow that sounds awesome i may try and recreate this i would credit you of course :)
  19. I think it was the idea that torches would run out after a while, but this was never implemented. I would be fine with torches going out in the rain if we had another light source (other than the hideous jack-o-lantern).