Another Weird Shop Glitch

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  1. So hopefully after Aikar finishes becoming a cyborg (the most obvious reason he would get surgery), he can use his new superhuman abilities to fix this weird shop glitch:

    Alright, we start with a chest with only a preview sign.

    Make the first chest shop:

    That works...

    Now, we go to the side of the same chest.

    And magic!

    It doesn't create the sign because 'Another player's shop detected' but that's because it transformed the first sign from 'azoundria' into 'azoundria8'!
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  2. Dont use slot anymore.

      B 165
    It will then let you click the sign with the item so you wont need slot anymore. Pretty sure it would work if you use the '#' instead of slot.

    edit: and I am a derp as always- try it like I said but didnt read the whole post and noticed that it was a "name change" thing.
  3. I have reported this to Chickeneer. He said it will/should be fixed by tomorrow. He took a look at my problem (same as yours) and did in fact say it is a bug. :)
  4. At first glimpse this appears to be something specific for your situation but not the shop system in general. Can't rule out the fact that I'm overlooking something here, but when I try to reproduce your situation then things just work as normal for me:

  5. I think it is because its 'azoundria' and 'azoundria8' and Ben is similar with little variation in the alt's name.
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  6. I believe it is because it is on an alt's res, therefor, it thinks my main is my alt.