Another bad player head suggestion

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  1. Hey guys, I got an idea from watching some 1.7 snapshot videos and this player head idea came to me. How about, for a price, we could buy any non-EMC-Player head like notch, honeydew, paragonnova, Jeb and so on? I think an appropriate price would be 10-50k. So tell me, is this a good, bad or meh idea :D
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  2. I quite like it! I think the price should be 10k or under.

    I love nova! :D
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  3. Don't be such a downer. Seems like a fair enough suggestion. No reason to automatically call it "bad"
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  4. ummmm this might be a 1.7 feature and i end up looking dumb, but where is player data stored so that we can access every minecrafters head? that sounds like a big laggy file right there
  5. I believe that you can access it using a nice little command block or something. I am no good at those codey-scripts.
  6. It shouldn't be any more laggy than /d p [playername]. I don't know how the disguise command gets its data, but it seems to work fine.
  7. I say no, because then people could get ICC and/or justinguy heads, and that wouldn't be fair to the people who got have them.
  8. It's similar to how MCedit works. Since we have a plugin that just gives a player's head like /playerhead (yes aikar, I know this is in EMC) we would only need to set up shops. In the admin lounge, how else would they have gotten herobrine's head? And their own heads... :p
  9. I like this idea, sounds interesting
    Aikar could fix that ;)
  10. Funny thing is, /playerhead isn't the command. :p
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  11. im talking serverside. your own client stores and shares /d information. herobrine and all the devs are stored in every clients data, if the plaqer has never been encountered or logged into the server their skin wouldnt be saved in those files however. and since this suggestion is only referring to non-emc players i dont think this is fully possible
  12. I know, that's the point lol... :p I just know it's something like /gethead or /head something xD
    Since Aikar most likely coded it, I don't know the correct command xD I only know some from bukkit plugins ;3
  13. Isn't it even longer, like /playerheadspawn?
  14. Huh, I have seen videos of people trolling others while disguised as YouTubers.
  15. For the whole player head/disguise storage location: AKAIK, it's just pulled from your skin from, with the server telling your client that you're disguised as the person, or head is PlayerX's. Plain and simple. :)
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  16. Installation:
    1. Put Heads.jar to your plugin directory.
    2. Restart the server.
    3. Customize config.yml and lang.yml
    • /head - gives you your own head.
    • /head [nick] - add head with skin to your inventory.
    • /head [nick] [player] - gives head to some player
    • /heads help - show heads help.
    • /heads nick - show owner nick of skull you're looking at.
    • /heads version - shows heads version.
    • /heads reload - reloads the plugin files.
    • heads.addown - allows you to use /head.
    • heads.addnamed - allows you to use /head [nick].
    • heads.give - allows you to use /head [nick] [player].
    • heads.version - allows you to use /heads version.
    • heads.reload - allows you to use /heads reload.
    • heads.nick - allows you to use /heads nick
    • heads.update - allows you to get plugin update message.
    • 1.2
      • Updated to Craftbukkit 1.4.7
      • Rewritted file creation code
      • Rewritted update check code
      • Added new help menu
      • Added /heads nick command
      • Added /heads version command
    • 1.1
      • Added configuration
      • Added language configuration
      • Added head drop after death
      • Added head-to-inventory option
      • Code optimalization
    • 1.0 - Initial release.

    To get to the point, it should be fine. It's all just part of a plugin, that I assume hooks up to a minecraft skin stealer and uses that skin with the head. So, it should be fine. :p It's not client side, because that would be a mod >.>
    NOTE: This is most likely not the plugin EMC has, but one I found with information regarding the plugin(s).

    It depends on what the plugin specifies. Usually it's /head but sometimes if only supporters in that server can use the command it's /grabhead or /headget. So, I guess it could be anything the server or the plugin wants it to be :p
  17. I wish I added a poll. * wink wink * * nudge nudge *
  18. ahh i see now
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  19. It's /createplayerhead.