[Animation Project] Colours of EMC!

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  1. Hai Empire! :p

    While looking through the wonders of YouTube I stumbled upon this beautiful song

    This song holds many memories for me as I used it in many many animations collabs back in the day of Flipnote :D

    I decided it would be a great idea to add to the memories this song holds by making an EMC version for it :p
    Even though in the title it says 'Animation', I might not animate it. If I do use Flipnote, the colours would be very limited and it wouldn't look as good as I hope. So for this, I'll be using Colours!3D which isn't an animating software by any stretch of the imagination... I if I did hope to animate it, I'd have to draw every frame and put it all together, which I haven't done before :s
    However, if I get enough people, I might give it a go

    For this to happen, at the minimum I'd need one person for every colour however I think it'd look better if there were as many people as possible for every colour :p

    I think I'm done rambling on~
    If you want to be in, please post your IGN, what colour your skin fits into, and a picture of your skin would be great as well :p
    Any shade of the colour will do! :D

    Not accepting any more people!

    Green: Parkerjv9, darksuperlord, kyle12cu1, Champ4now, sambish20
    Added by me:
    Grey: (Princebee), Ultimate_GG, Porphos
    Added by me:
    Orange: Reindeer_, B4dman5ion
    Added by me:
    Red: Palmsugar, jacob5089, Dwight, Collect12
    Added by me:
    Black: Southpark347, Snow_freak
    Added by me:
    Purple: AliceF3, Sonicol1
    Added by me:
    Yellow: OrangeDuck607, Penfoldex
    Added by me:
    White: Chizmaro, Lehmaqr, porphyrian
    Added by me:
    Blue: Kuraudochuu, Qwerty189, born_ego
    Added by me: Kryssyyjane
    Becuase Rainbow is a colour: RainbowChin
    Added by me:

    (Some people might be put down with nicknames as I simply don't want to type or can't remember their full username)

    I guess if you want to be in but your skin doesn't fit into any of the colours you can become a rainbow and everyone is happy then :3

    If you see me not updating this, I'm probably not making any progress. If that happens, can someone please bump this or post a message on my profile? :p I forget things very easily and loose motivation quickly, I might just need that extra little boost :)

    (Hehe, why not) What I've done so far:
    I'll put drawings here when I start :p

  2. First

    Will be good... That is all!
  3. No replies? Let's fix that.

    IGN: <<<
    Colour: Well, um should be clear :p
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  4. I want to sign up! I think I would be red?
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  5. Heya, this sounds awesome!

    IGN: kuraudochuu
    color: dark blue
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  6. IGN: southpark347
    Color: Black

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  7. Uhm alice
    why there no brown?
    I feel excluded :(
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  8. IGN: Parkerjv9
    Color: Green
    Picture: <--
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  9. Thanks everyone :p
    I'll put you all in the list when I get back from school!
  10. Bu but alice, there's still no brown D:
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  11. But Rein, I didn't write the song! :p

    Edit: You could also go in the rainbow :3 I need all colours in there!
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  12. Maybe she can fit you in with orange :p
  13. Then I suppose I could be orange or blue (my scarf)
  14. Maybe, yeah
    Orange is the closest to brown
    Yeah, ok, that fine with chu Rein? :p

    Edit: Putting you in now
  15. Bump :p

    I might actually just start adding my own people in soon u.u
    I'll start the drawings for the colours when I get at least 3 people in one
  16. I guess I should be yellow, could be orange too though. But since we already have Reindeer_ for orange, I guess I could be yellow:)
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