An SSRC tribute!

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  1. Hi gang,

    First and foremost an important disclaimer: This is NOT my building, nor have I been involved in any part of its building process. It is also not my intention to flaunt with other players efforts but I simply felt that this tribute was more than required. SSRC deserves a spotlight and I hope that I'm capable of presenting him with one.

    Who or what is SSRC?

    SSRC is a very well known phenomenon on SMP2. It is a well known mall which both buys and sells from players (/v +ssrc, on SMP2 obviously), it is also the name of an in-game company where you can rent your own apartment in one of the many skyscrapers which got build. The company also provides work for other players and... Well, as said: there is a mall.


    SSRC is ALSO the name of a very devoted SMP2 player, one who truly loves the SMP2 server and its community and who wants nothing more than to make it even bigger and better than it already is. SSRCcorp, SSRCeconomy, SSRCestates, SSRCMegaMall, SSRCPresident and... SSRC_EMPIRE.

    So why the tribute?

    Because of this:

    I think its fair to say that this is SSRC's pride right now.

    Aya kindly posed for me at the entrance there so that you guys get a bit of an impression as to the massive height of this thing! This tower is located right next to the SMP2 park (see /park on SMP2) and I have it from the master himself that this project was one gigantic undertaking.

    The view from the top of the tower, you can clearly see the /park below.

    This is one massive build. But anyone who knows SSRC wouldn't have expected any different, because when SSRC says that he's preparing to do an allnighter again just to finish his masterpiece then believe me when I say that this is truly one seriously devoted player at work here.

    Someone who also has a pretty good attention for details.

    The very top of the tower, once again Aya was kind enough to pose to give you an impression of the size.

    This is definitely a building which is going to change the SMP2 skyline, and hopefully forever as well. For starters because it's sitting right next to the /park, which is a pretty popular spot on SMP2.

    Well, I also felt doing this because there have been "a few issues" with this particular building. Something I'm not sharing, I'll leave that up to SSRC when and if he feels like it. All I'm going to say is that SMP2 has gained one massive and impressive building, and we got SSRC to thank for it!

    Deep respect to you SSRC for all your hard work and all the effort you put into this. Being a die-hard "SMP2'er" myself I really enjoy and admire projects such as these. This honestly raises some serious respect from me.

    So yeah, there you guys have it. I know; we have other threads to share stuff. But this was required. Let's just say that SSRC suffered from a few moments of serious demotivation (no further comments on my end) and as such I deemed this necessary.

    You go SSRC!!

    C'mon, isn't this beautiful?

    Sincerely, Shell.
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    "for the cause" :)

    No, seriously, I feel strongly about this as such a few sporadic bumps might happen.
  3. OMG Thank you so much ShelLuser!, You really didn't have to do this at all.

    I honestly build for the benefit of SMP2 and I also hope it can become a permanent fixture on the SMP2 Skyline. I really feel like I do not deserve all this praise because I couldn't have done all of these amazing accomplishments if it was not for the amazing and increadibly supportive community that is SMP2! I also want to make a shot out to Poofasarus, meghouse, lovelyllamaz, equablehook, lukeskywalker624, and pixelcookie. These people honestly are the reason I am able to accomplish so much.

    So with that, I thank you for this random act of praise and I am humbled and honored to serve the SMP2 community. However, I have to thank you SMP2 because of my experiences working with the SMP2 economy I've decided to pursue my goals to go into politics and help people in real life. For that I am forever indebted to you all. I really honestly am shocked and still trying to acknowledge this acturally happened. I cannot put into words how proud I am of SMP2 and how Honored I feel.

    P.s. Today I graduated from college and this has to be the best graduation present anyone has ever given me!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    With much love,
    Kyle McIntyre (SSRCcorp)
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  4. This is one of those projects that didn't need to be finished to be beautiful
    EDIT: Nuke Silo is it going to be still built =P
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  6. SSRC has the best builds I have ever seen :p
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  7. Awwww thank you, but tbh, there are much better builders than I on EMC.
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  9. Shelly told me that this is ur pride project so when this happened i hit f2 really fast so i could share, hope u like:

    was during something fishy event in smp2 park. ur build is famous! :)