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  1. What if we had something that at town there are randomly a bunch of quests and you could just go and pick one and if you do the quest you get like 100 rupees...
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  2. It's been talked about. There are a lot of jobs from other players that give more. If you ask, you'll find 50 people offering you work :)
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  3. With respect, I am disappointed for the format of this thread from you :(. Not that it is a 'bad' idea. But there is nothing to work with. Sure we could have something like that; but what are examples of these quests? I have thought about it before, but have never found anything that quite fit.
  4. Disappointed... That one hurts.

    As to the quests idea, if you look hard enough, there is hundreds of jobs that people need done throughout the forums and in-game. Good idea, but with Dragon Tombs coming out (hopefully :p) I think it's just be too bit of a project to finish up quickly right now. Perhaps in a future update.
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  5. If I may...

    Maybe we could have 2 or 3 monthly quests put on by the empire. Stuff like "There's a ghast terrorizing the SMP3 nether frontier, go kill it and bring back the unique drop for a reward" or "Aikar lost his pet cat Flopsie somewhere on smp2, find it and escort it back for him. He'll be so happy he might even give you a stack of beacons!"

    Just ideas.
  6. Yes, disappointed. But only because I expect such great things from our faithful members ;)

    Yeah, stuff like that. Like... ^ got me thinking a bit. Aikar/myself would really just design the system; which would allow for creative individuals to utilize it (Namely Staff/suggestions)
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  7. You said the magic word... :eek:
    /summon Kephras
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  8. That's basicly what I ment I just hate typing on my phone and I didn't want to type out everything.
  9. My favorite quest is the one where you educated the new player on how to get their own stuff and become self sufficient lol. :p

    On topic, I would support occasional Empire sponsored jobs, but only if they were difficult and didn't pay excessive amounts. I have plenty of rupees for my needs. If this job appeals to me, it is giving too much away too easily.
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  10. And maybe there could be like after each quest you get a point and each month the person with the most points get a prize.
  11. Thumbs down to that. Working toward a reward is one thing, competing for it something else entirely. :confused:
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  12. Since tokens are non tradeable items, they could be the reward? I like this idea:)