An Empire Spawn / Tick / Chunk / Etc Section on 'Guide'

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  1. The Empire has a lot of custom features, including Mob limits, spawn distances, crop growth distance, etcetc.

    Aikar is generally very good at making posts about this stuff, but there isn't actually a way to reference it all in one handy spot.

    Could we please have a section in the Empire Guide of 'Custom Settings' so we can see exactly what ranges are what, spawns, etc - this makes it much easier when designing a build in the Wild.

  2. I like this idea, it would help new players be able to find the little things that make the empire better. =)
  3. I think this idea is ok, but kinda pointless just to have a WHOLE section just on a few things... Aikar could just put this under empire guide...
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  4. I think that'd be pretty helpful. You should have made a poll though.
  5. That's what I've said.......

    It'd be a sub-section in the Empire Guide. "Custom Settings" - there's more than you think to it and a lot of might need a bit of explanation. :D
  6. Support.
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  7. I support this... except one little thing;

    Aikar hasn't given away details of wild mob limit ranges because he doesn't want it to be taken advantage of (making 2 farms just outside the range - you get what I mean)

    Might defeat the whole purpose of the limit, a bit at least. :)
  8. I agree a summarized place would be ideal.

    Maybe just a sticky thread in Empire Support would be sufficient, as I don't have perms to edit the guide yet.. (Justin Just bumped us up to same as ICC >.<)
  9. Rgr that - whatever's easiest! It'd be appreciated either way.

    Yep, can see the point there, but it's also something that's crucial in a Wild build if you're planning on just making an Outpost, etc. I'm sure he also posted the mob ranges in another thread a while back anyway, no?
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  10. Not the actual limit range. but the activation range yes. Hmm, let me go find that quote :p
    ICC made the post, not Aikar. Oops :)