An Adventure Map

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  1. First off - Notice Location of this thread: this is separate from EMC...

    Anyway, this map is made by someone I have found here at the college I go to. I think it is pretty cool, so I want you to try it out and give some feedback on it. It is still a "Work In Progress" so things may not go as smoothly as one would hope.

    The Location he has posted this at can be found here

    If you wish to just download the Map click here - note: you will have to run the server found in this attachment.

    I encourage you to try and play it legitly, see how far you get; but if you do run into a bug or something. Op yourself (in the ops document). If you have the opportunity to play with other players - Do.

    Any thoughts, feedback, suggestions, etc. I would love to hear back so I can let the creator know.

    I can also answer questions on it. Enjoy :)
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