Among us thread?!?!

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  1. Hey im sure alot of people have heard about this some what free game. so hey i thought why dont we play on it as an emc community? well ya its only 10 players. but thats fine :)
    im sure some of yall know how to play

    among us guide < but thats the guide anyway so :)
    lemme know what you mlg gamers think.
    i might host some among us events in the future with discord. Emc Discord.
    im proberly thinking ill make my own among us discord in the future. and do some permission stuff so only ten people can join the vc at the same time.

    downloads : googlePlay ios Steam

    faq the guide i linked is a youtuber i watch so he makes good content. its not a pro guide but i like it :)
  2. Haven't personally played, but have seen people online play. Looks fun.
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  3. I'm debating getting it on steam because it's blown up so much
    I'm not really a fan of multiplayer games but they're always better with friends and my friends are like GET THIS GAME AAA so I just might...
  4. I have not heard of that, and was expecting it to be some grim zombie game. Looks a lot different. :p Although it does seem to have dark subject matter.
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  5. I love playing it! The Discord server I have for one of my outposts has sort of become also a server for people who want to play Among Us. :p It's quite fun, and if you want the link, feel free to PM me on the forums / on Discord (wafflecoffee#1787). Do be warned, though, if you don't like profanity, then please don't ask me for the link.
  6. I downloaded the app last night and played a few rounds with my roommates, I decided to randomly follow one of them around and they called an emergency meeting that resulted in me getting killed :I
  7. how do I go in a vent like Blue did???
  8. sounds like a great idea! I already own the game and have played several rounds, id be happy to host!
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  9. It's super fun. I play on my IPad but will probably buy it on steam at some point. Playing with EMC people could be real fun!
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  10. No one ever believes me when I try to frame wafflecoffee for murder ;-;
  11. im assured thats in among us right? o.(o)
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  12. *cough*
  13. Among Us is a lot of fun. I'd be up for an Among EMC night.

    I don't have a mini-me, I have a resident. She gets so lost without me.
  14. EliteEclipse follows me to admin, oh who died? Waffle reported the body. It's Waffle
  15. Sees waffle doesent own among us on steam or ios
  16. Waffle does
  17. Red always acts sus.
  18. the person who claims always acts sus
  19. well I *impulsively* bought it on steam and played it for the first time last night
    I got imposter on my very first match and had no idea what i was doing
  20. I bought the game on my computer and I must say, its much easier to navigate on PC than on my tablet.
    Anyways... I love being the imposter. I'd like to think I'm pretty good at it too. :D

    Pro Gamer Tip: ALWAYS trust the dinosaur... or... don't... both could be dangerous. Better to be on my good side though. :p
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