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  1. OK I thought this would be fun so please ask me any question. I will be happy/vastly annoyed in answering your questions :)
  2. whats your real name?
  3. Richard Myers III
  4. WHY did you flirt with an enderman?
  5. Because she was hot. not all endermen are guys you know. same way not all humans are guys.
  6. WHY did you think she was hot?
  7. you obviously havn't met her.
  8. WHY haven't I met her?
  9. because you don't have a life
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  10. WHY don't I have a life?
    Getting annoyed yet?
  11. because you posted that question
    and yes
  12. Fixed
  13. What's up with the cow and sunglasses?
  14. I thought it was a cool skin.
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  15. Do you like my skin? ( made it myself!)
  16. not particulary