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Fiyahhhhh! 7 vote(s) 33.3%
More fire! 6 vote(s) 28.6%
No!! No more fire, we're all good here, definitely 4 vote(s) 19.0%
FireFrog! *ribbit* 8 vote(s) 38.1%
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  1. Hey all!
    My birthday in real life is in March, and my EMC anniversary is just 10 days after. I did an AMA last March, so I figured I would do another one this year for funsies. :)

    The rules are simple:
    - Please ask me anything that is EMC-appropriate. If I am not comfortable answering your question, I will let you know
    - You are welcome to ask multiple questions
    - Have fun! :D
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  2. Happy early Birthday!! 🍰

    Who’s Moople and why are their more of you?

    Where are the other Mooples?!
  3. Happy bday! Gonna ask the same exact question I did on Pineapple's ama ;)

    What is your favorite product you bought that you "bit the bullet" on (i.e. you weren't sure the product would be any good when buying it but decided to just do it- and found out it is now a favorite product of yours)? It can be a food item or any random product you bought in store or online.
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  4. I love answering AMA questions myself, but I struggle with coming up with questions for others. :p Actually, that's why it's been a while since I held one. Hm... I will not consider whether I have asked a candidate question before, as that would make it even more complicated. :p Hm, something I have probably known before but can't recall now: do you play any musical instruments?
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  5. Moople is a nickname that I came up with for my cat when I was only 3. It started off as Moremoo and then eventually morphed into MoreMoople, which is what I use as a username in many places today. :) So, I guess my cat is Moople and I am MoreMoople, haha.

    Hmmmm, I'm really not sure about that. I'll think over this more and come back to it. :)

    I play the flute. :) I also own a Chinese gourd flute, Fife, piano, and piccolo recorder, but I do not play any of those. I was in band for three years but then reached the point that I had to choose between dance or band.
  6. Moople is Elpoom in reverse. What do you think of that ?
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  7. Happy Birthday Moops!:D
    What do you prefer float fly or drive?
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  8. All hail the Goddess of Frogs!
    Would you like to have a set of the Rainbow Moop Head Collection? (When I finish farming them all up of course 😉)
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  9. It sounds like a wizard name, so that's cool ;)
    Hmmmmmmm... As far as long distance stuff, I prefer driving. Once I was flying to visit family and some random guy sitting next to me on the plane fell asleep and his head fell onto my shoulder for most of the flight :eek: :(

    Floating is quite enjoyable every once in a while though. :)
    Sounds pretty snazzy! I would love to have that collection. ;)
  10. Hello Moople! Happy early birthday Waffle Girl :D Would you ever try this seeing as how you love fire? :p
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  11. Nothing is showing up for me :( Is it a fiery hairstyle of some sort?
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  12. Ah, right! There are a lot of flutes, though... so, which? :D ('flute' might be used for a specific type of flute in English, I'm not sure... but in Dutch it is a generic word, so it would be a bit like "I play strings"!)
    Wait, if you don't play the other instruments, why do you own them? :p Or do you just mean you have them at your parental home?

    :eek: That must've been awkward... I can totally imagine you not wanting to wake him up. :p

    Wait, what's the idea of the hyperlink? :p
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  13. What fruits do you regularly eat, and optionally, why those? :)
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  14. Pizza Hut or Papa Johns ?
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  15. Moops! Happy Bday firegirl.
    So you were also in a band! Nice.
    What were some of the songs you preferred to play?
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  16. oops!
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  17. Let me just put my opinion out there...
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  18. Happy Birthday and Happy EMC Anniversary Moople, my question is:
    If a tree falls over in a forest, do the squirrels sleep sideways?
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  19. Absolutely not :eek: I'm gonna have to side with AmusedStew on that video. I don't even like having my hair curled by a curling iron :confused: Kudos to those people though! I think I'd hop up and run out if someone tried to do that to my hair.

    Going back to this question:
    It's not something that I bought, but something someone else bought and gifted to me. About 5yrs ago I was given a somewhat small purse that I could easily wear across my body. I really didn't have anything like it at the time, but I soon began wearing it every day. Since then, I have gotten a few similar purses and I have worn them nearly every day for the last five years. Sometimes people ask about it or think it's strange, but I find the purse useful because it is very lightweight, but holds my phone, pencils, and other handy things. :) It should be noted that I wear leggings every single day as well -- meaning I never have pockets. ;)

    I will admit that I probably eat a lot less fruits and other healthy food items than I should :eek: However, I am a huge fan of Cutie Oranges and raspberries. They have a very nice balance of flavor -- not too overpowering, but they aren't bland either. :)

    I play a flute similar to this one: http://milanomusic.com/armstrong-104-flute/
    My flute once belonged to my mother, so it is over thirty years old. It is still in fairly good condition though :)

    We purchased the gourd flute in China (can't recall exactly where off the top of my head). I have tried playing music on it, but it's rather hard to find any music that I would be able to read, and the sound it makes does not bring joy to my ears. ;)
    The fife was purchased by my father, I believe while in the Navy. Again, I have not found many good things to play on it. The piccolo recorder is another instrument that used to belong to my mom. I technically can play it, but it's very high pitched.

    I actually don't recall the last time that I had pizza from either place. My favorite pizza is from a place called Dion's, preferably with pineapple and pepperoni on top. :D

    One time we played a medley from Phantom of the Opera, and I absolutely loved that one. We also performed a medley from Les Miserables that was lots of fun. :) Maybe this Summer I'll get back into actively playing music and post something on the forums.
    I think they'd just roll onto their bellies and continue sleeping. That is, assuming that the tree has not crushed them. ;)
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  20. Tnt or tnt?
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