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  1. A Brief Note

    Hello Fellow Members,

    Vizsco Here, Well today I would like to share something with you all.

    I got a new Skin!!! Here is the link

    I have been debating about this decision a while now (It was not easy), And I would like to say that I will be officially not active anymore on the Empire. Of course I won't leave HxCami10, Doofni, Sachrock, ToddV, ChrisTheFlareon, Kephras, Olaf_C, OcelotInATux, SirGem, Krysyy, Eclipsys, Galazeek, khixan, Fendy, MoeMacZap And More you all. You all grew apart of my life and I cannot leave and I will not leave. I am just saying I will not be so active, I will check the forums a couple times per week and log-in once or twice a week. You might ask why I made this decision? When time passes I noticed there is more to life then playing a Video Game for hours. I would like to be more social and be more active in reality. Another factor is that in my opinion I already have everything which I wish I could have on the Empire, Rupees, Items, Friends etc. I know there is more to do but I am just not motivated. I still have one goal which I will be trying to accomplish, If it will ever become reality I will become more active. One of the reasons I am still logging in each week is my Outpost "Erebus". I have promised the members so much and yet I haven't shown any results, I have so many dedicated members that I just want to do something with them. But again I am not leaving you, I am just not being quite so active and when I am online I am probably working on my Outpost or /v 17888 on SMP8 (PromoShop). I just wan't to give a couple of shoutouts to people who deserve a hug,

    Doofni- Your wonderfluffiness Doofni, Love those chats we always have.

    Eclipsys- Your amazing Eclipsys.

    HxCami10- Your amazing CamCamCam.

    Kephras- I do not really know you personally but I read your posts and profile posts which are quite fascinating and I love to read them, Your posts just makes me feel good.

    Olaf_C- I love your posts, They just make me feel good.

    FDNY21- You save me from my bad Pricing and I love to chat with you. Your amazingness.

    OcelotInATux- Although your not active anymore your just a true friend.

    BreezyMan- I love those times we had on Mumble, Your a great guy.

    LuckyMusic45- I just think your amazing, I love those times we have on Mumble.

    ChrisTheFlareon- I love that name, I think your amazing.

    BenMA- You saved me from throwing away that mouse, Thanks for doing that, Your great.

    Jennypoo10- I love your build style and I love those chats we have.

    Faithcaster- You save me from my bad pricing and I love your Museum.

    BoomInAction- If you read this, I hope your doing good, You have been offline as I heard you had an accident, I hope you come back. Your amazing :)

    AverageWalrus- Your amazing Walrus, Love how you build.

    Jadzz- Your amazingnesss.

    ShelLuser- I love your posts, Their just awesome, They make me feel good. Your a great person.

    Moonglum- I love your mall and I love those chats we have on Four.

    Finch_Rocks_1- Your an amazing person and builder.

    BlinkyBinky- Your amazing at writing and your great in general.

    OfficerSmitty- I met you over BoomInAction but your an amazing person.

    DomestcatedSquid- Your an amazing person.

    khixan- Your just amazing, amazing, amazing, Love your farms and I think your an amazing builder, Your just amazing.

    If I forgot you, That does not mean your not important to me, Your still as important as the players above, Your all awesome.


    You thought that was it? Lets get to the good part(s).

    AMA- I am not the person who likes to talk about by myself, But this thread needs positivity so why not a AMA? Just ask me anything, Nothing which is to "deep" or against the rules. After around ten or so questions I will write an answer to prevent spam. There of course prizes, Best Question Three Hug Vouchers (Renamed Paper) and One Lucky Bow. Second Best Question Two Hug Vouchers (Renamed Paper) and an Elytra. Third Best Question One Hug Voucher (Renamed Paper) and a Turkey Slicer. Good Luck!!

    Giveaway- Your post number will be your entry number, Via random.org the winner will be chosen. There of course are prizes, The winner will get my head (Third In Existence, Updated Skin) and a Signature and Two Lucky Bows.

    Prizes will change. (More). Not the best items as I have something else planned with you all Munchkins. The AMA and Giveaway Will Close September 8 at 12:00 PM.

    I hope the prizes are good, To be honest this thread is not about the prizes.

    -Vizsco, SirTah
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  2. I should hopefully see you around! If not best of luck outside EMC! Now for my question-
    What is your favorite thing to do in EMC!
  3. Thanks,

    Let me think, Probably my favorite thing to do in EMC is talking to the players :)
  4. What would your Biggest Secret be?

    And thanks for that little note about me, Made me smile, :)
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  5. What is your favorite thing you got from an EMC event?
    And I hope you have a good future outside of EMC and always have a smile, because if you give one you make people's lives better ;)
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  6. :)
    My Biggest Secret is, Well, Umm, Mmm, Hmm, I like to sing in my shower. To be honest I like to sing Opera in the Shower..Don't tell anyone.

    Thanks for that :) Made me smile,

    To the question, My favorite thing I got from an EMC Event was Krysyys PVP Head, Although I have one, I got this one by earning it and not buying it. Made me feel happy :)
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  7. Good Luck in the future. :)

    Favorite emc event?

    Its really nice of you to write those messages for others. Its sweet. <3 Have fun in your future journeys... ;)
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  8. You promised me your head!!! :(

    But this..
    This really upsets me. I'm going to send you a PM later with a bunch of stupid sappy stuff, but right now I don't know what to write because I have so many memories with you. When you first started your promo shop I hung out there a lot but we didn't talk much. I would have never known that in a few months I would be speaking with you all the time

    Stay awesome, Tah. If you use steam or skype, I'll send you my name so you can add me. This doof is going to miss you :p Have fun with whatever you're going to do outside of emc! We await your return ;)
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  9. Good luck with school! If you ever need my help with anything you can always find me here or on that instagram page! :p With the time you have online please spend some of it building, I see a lot of potential in you!

  10. School is the number 1 indeed, good luck :)

    How many cookies are you able to east when you'ave got three trees in your hair :)
  11. Thanks, Well my favorite EMC Event is probably the Build Event where everyone is in teams and builds together.

    Ohh, Thanks Doofni. Well I always loved the chats with you, Still waiting for that PM :) I will try to stay cool, Haha.

    Thanks gala, I will try to build as much as I can. Thanks for that motivation :p

    Thanks,I guess none as the weight of the trees squash me, I hope that is a valid answer.
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  12. I'm glad to hear that you're not leaving ^_^ reduced activity is better then no activity.

    Since I've known you as the promo king ;) my question is: what promo is your most valuable to you, or the hardest to obtain?
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  13. What do you think is the best type of question?
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  14. Oh shoot, I wasted my question.
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  15. Haha "Promo King" Well my most precious item to be honest is my Dragon egg as it is hard to obtain and I love :) But I also like the Krysyy Gems which where renamed by The_Boulder (Still Italic Text, Nothing Special) and I love my Holiday Picks, Oooh, How much I love those :)

    Well I think yours is currently the best question but you know what, I love questions where I have to use my brain.
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  16. I understand your reasoning for leaving. I just came back to EMC after a long break and am happy to be back with all my online friends. I hope you feel the same someday, but until then I wish you the best of luck! My question is: If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
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  17. Okay!
    I don't really know you, but you seem pretty great, judging from this thread!

    How many years have passed since your birth?
    Or, if that's private information, what fruit do you like to eat most?
  18. Maybe this is more what you're looking for:


    Solve it?
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  19. Oh wow, I totally missed this and now I feel a bit guilty about it because... Thanks for the kind words Vizsco! Very much appreciated.. I think it's nice to see that list of players who left an impression on you, also because I know nearly all of them myself as well :)

    Can't say that I really know recognized you, but I can most certainly sympathize with what you're saying! I've seen this happening with more people lately, they simply get a bit bored with the whole thing I guess. In the end Minecraft is mostly about making your own game, staff is doing their best with organizing lots of cool events but in the end it's still mostly you yourself who needs to find things to do.

    Anyway, here's hoping Dufne won't go too heavily after your head :) She can be quite persuasive :D

    So AMA... tough one!

    Wait a second here... <starts up MC> Well, Dufne to the rescue as usual: I do know you! SirTah, man, I didn't even recognize you with the new name (I honestly don't always manage to keep up right away)! Even so, that doesn't change much of what I said up there, other than the knowing part :p

    Ok... if you look back at what you've done on EMC (and I know you've done plenty, owning residences on SMP8, SMP4 & Utopia) what would you consider your biggest achievement here? :)

    And like the others I also want to wish you all the best! Hope you'll manage to find a good balance between a little EMC and a little something different ;)
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  20. Thanks :) Well, for my superpower I would choose to fly but, I will be able to fly anywhere, Which means I can breach anything etc. Thanks for the understanding, Love this question :)
    Well you seem nice, too , I like to eat PassionFruit, It is so good :D

    Haha, I like that. The answer is 98 :)

    Thanks Shelly for the kind words, I needed to broadcast that more, that I changed my name. Well, The question is tough, I have mostly two top two favorite achievements. Well the first one is, hosting many events, My favorite one is my treasure hunt on SMP2 :) The second achievement is making a lot of lifetime friends on EMC :) I could go on for ever :) But those are my top two achievements. Thanks for your kind words and Indeed I am trying to get a balance :)
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