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  1. I found a thread in which someone, a moderator, commented that:
    "To continue to play, buy your own alt."
    Are Alts allowed while someone is banned?
  2. Comment in concern:
    "Actually - a moderation stance that was put in place a while after you, Alex, left means that each account is now separate, so if you get banned, you won't have that alt account banned unless it does something else wrong. Although in serious cases - such as site bans - an alt will be banned too, as well as any future ones. So basically each account is a separate player, in most cases. :)

    However, yes that's possible. It's not really a problem though, as we have the residences available and in the short-term it's more expensive, especially as you don't get any perks with it"
  3. Although I don't recall if I was a moderator at the time - [Source of post] (your second post is the correct comment, not the first) - yes, accounts are treated as individual accounts and less so players when it comes to moderation. There's always different circumstances though, and more troublesome player are less easily forgiven so I always recommend to everyone that they talk to the staff member that banned them about it before making any decisions.