Allow Locked Wasteland Chests

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Which alternative for locked chests do you support?

Alternative 1 (Fixed Cost) 17 vote(s) 48.6%
Alternative 2 (Time-Based) 4 vote(s) 11.4%
I Disagree With Locking Chests In The Wasteland 14 vote(s) 40.0%
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  1. Firstly, I know the initial response: The wasteland is not for building permanent structures or bases.

    And these are not for permanent structures or bases! These are for temporary storage to protect against theft during a mining/foraging operation with a finite time-scale.

    These could be structured in a few different ways. Under each way, warning would be provided whenever a locked chest is created that contents will be lost when the wasteland resets and it is only to protect against theft.

    1) Structure them the same as the wilderness chests, with a reduced cost (due to the temporary nature of the wasteland), and a full or nearly full refund.

    2) Locked chests would last 1 week by default, with the expiry stored/displayed on the last line of the sign. When a chest is less than 4 days from expiry, it can be renewed for an additional 3 days by right-clicking.

    Locking and renewals would not be allowed during the approximate week leading up to the reset.
  2. the wilderness is for permanent structures and bases though
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  3. Fixed. xD Oh great my whole title is wrong. :(
  4. im pretty sure the code for locking chests would have to be changed for this....not entirely sure but i think locked chests have their data stored on the server meaning they would stay stored after a reset. also wastelands is too small for this there is a minimum range on locked chests from outposts that would be very hard to hit on the wastelands (i think its 1k out). there is also the issue that this implementation even the temporary one would encourage people to build permanent structures in the wilderness, we already have enough problems out of people not listening why would you want to encourage it?
  5. Fixed title and poll as requested.
    It's the temp reset zone, roughly 250 blocks out.
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  6. still 250 blocks in a radius around the outposts only leaves a 1500 space scattered about to lock things (some less because outposts arent always exact)
  7. I agree. It is a limited amount of space.
  8. Wastelands chests should be able to be locked because it is temporary storage if you die!
  9. I don't know the technical details but I don't see that there is any need to store them in any database because all the information needed is present in the sign. If there is a database, removing all the chests stored in a wasteland world is a trivial query.

    The minimum range could be adjusted, though by my calculations, the total area of the wasteland is 10,000 x 10,000 = 100,000,000 square blocks. Each of the 9 outpost areas may take up 600x600 (assuming width/height of 100 and 250 blocks in each direction) = 360,000 square blocks. 360,000 x 9 = 3,240,000 square blocks taken up by all 9 outpost areas, representing just 3.24% of the wasteland by area and leaving the remaining 96.76% available for locking temporary chests.

    Attempting to lock a chest is a great opportunity to reinforce that the wasteland is reset through a warning and the changed rates. My second idea is specifically structured around chests that expire, to emphasize the temporary nature of the wasteland. In addition, this system may make it possible to know who is active in the wasteland and send specific targeted messages toward them leading up to a reset.
  10. I once played on a now defunct prison server and we had lockers/cells inside of the prison as well as shop places that had a temporary time setting in where you payed for time to use said slot and you could only pay (with in-game money) for so many days at a time so that you could not prepay like a month of time at one time and had to wait until you were below a specific amount of time before you could buy more. This concept could be used to make a command in place of the lock command except that it could only be used in the wasteland and you have to pay to keep the lock active for an extended amount of time, kinda like a rupee sink.. But also so people don't get carried away with it, limit the number of locked chests one player can have in the wasteland and make it where you cannot pay for more time within 5 days of a reset and have a warning that a reset is coming and everything.. Just an idea.. :p
  11. just gonna cover the last two because the first one didnt really argue against the fact that code would have to be changed.

    in your second point i dont know where you got that math from but the unlockable area would be alot closer to 50% of explorable terrain so once again alot of land would be unusable for locking. and considering the total amount of explored land on every waste right now (all which tend to stick within 100 blocks of an outpost. more then half of the people who use the waste would be unable to lock anything in it.

    as far as your third goes logic states exactly the opposite. even the temporary one ;actually MOSTLY the temporary one people are going to complain about losing stuff. in addition new players are going to see locked chests and causally link the wilderness to the waste assuming that because they can lock chests here they can now build here. only with your own foresight are people going to think how you are expecting.

    in conclusion, you are asking to put in more work on a working system so that staff can put even more work tirelessly arguing with people about how they should not leave anything at all in the wastelands. aside from people trying to strip mine there really isnt that much reason to bring more then an enderchest and a full inventory out there and once again you are within 5k blocks to an outpost at max at all times so it does not take that much work or time to walk back. you are asking for a considerable amount of hassle to cater to a small population who just does not get it, which isnt how logical leadership works. i know the cause of this is you losing supposedly a dc of tools that you neither had in your inventory or enderchest but chose to put into a chest for whatever reason, but you could of just as easily not brought out that much and made a second trip later. why is it that you and that other person are always at the forefront of wasteland gripes? you and him/her are both vet enough to know better so aside from ranting (which i do plenty of) whats with the waste hate? perhaps you should find a nice empty space out in the wilderness to do these massive projects that take more then a dc of enchanted tools to accomplish?
  12. i actually do like some form of this idea sort of like a parking meter for a dc of stuff. every time you re-up another warning pops up to remind folks (because afterall one reminder has always proven to not be enough) that this chest will not stay past a certain point and putting things in here should be done at your own risk.
  13. much words wow
  14. Since Wastelands is temporary and reset without warning, locking chests will encourage more establishments and lead to more players upset that they just lost their locked DC's of valuables in a wastelands reset.
    So, I vote no.

    Instead, you can do what I do, just hide a regular DC, but hide it better, and don't be upset if you lose the items to a reset.
    Bury it in an area not likely to be dug or mined, and bury it with the same surrounding block, like dirt or grass or stone, and bury it 2 or more deep :D.
    I have never had one of my hidden Wastelands DC's found by a griefer.
    I take a screenshot with F3 coords shown so I can find it, if I forget lol.
    And this is Free :D.

    Then EMC developers can focus on better updates.

    Just my thoughts.
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  15. everyone gets a warning like a week before the reset.. but they would only miss it if they happen to be gone during that time
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  16. Any type of Lock in the Wasteland would be inherently temporary. I understand Staff's desire to discourage permanence out there so I also understand their stance on not allowing Locking. I voted for option two, but I think that in order to reinforce the temporary aspect of the Lock I think that we should make it like a rental deposit by increasing the cost and allowing a full refund if it is removed within a short period of time. I'll throw out 10k and a week. If you do not remove the Lock before it expires or the server is reset, then it will be a memorable lesson.

    I'm not sure whether I'm "that other person" or not, but I'll respond to this anyway. I have absolutely no problem with the Wasteland. It has been a good feature.

    What I do have a problem with is people messing with something that is not theirs. I want to be able to "play my way" as the saying goes here without having to worry about other people spoiling things for me. Azoundria is also playing their way and looking for solutions to the problem they are having that will help them play more happily. Personally I just take an Enderchest out, cast off less valuable items or Chest them for later, then when it is full I go back to Town. But that is how I like to play.

    It is not Azoundria's fault that someone keeps stealing things in the Waste. It doesn't matter to me whether they are a newbie trying to find their first Diamond or they are stripping chunks down to Bedrock. We should be able to play here with a reasonable expectation that we can place a block or put something in a Chest without it walking away.

    You suggest Frontier farms. You can't build one without someone coming uninvited to plunk down a Locked Chest and start using it. They bring Creeper holes, other friends, no torches, lazy building, greed, and all other sorts of problems yet you can't get rid of them unless they explicitly break a rule, then you have to collect evidence to present to staff which they can't use unless it is rock solid proof that someone did something wrong. And even if you get someone banned, permanent has never actually meant permanent here anyway. The usual response to this is to build eleventy bazillion blocks out which somewhat destroys the multiplayer aspect. Anymore I just Lock or hide stuff and let them stay because I know they'll eventually leave. The problem with that is that I can't clean up after them because then I wouldn't be following rules.

    Last week I asked a moderator whether they could help me figure out who had been looting Chests at a base 40k blocks out. I was hoping I could give them a date and coordinates along with a list of the eleven people in our group to see whether another name kept popping up so we could try catching them. Their answer was that we should Lock all of our Chests (Eleven people and a zillion Chests... I'll get right on that.).

    If I have a rant/mantra/soapbox, it is that Wild Protections do not need to be tied to Dragon Tombs and could have been done a long time ago. We did not need Groups features, Mail, Enraged mobs, and Tokens for it to work and already have protection code in place that supports our Town system. They have absolutely nothing to do with one another.

    Whether we would allow protections in the Waste or not, we have yet to see especially since it's said that we will ration it out by pricing most of us out of it and making the rest of us run a gauntlet of steps in between like obtaining fragments and doing dungeons. Either way, we already have a tool in place that would have helped Azoundria and it is being kept from him because he chooses to do his mining in the Waste instead of the Frontier.

    The ability to protect our creations from grief, our items from theft, and to play happily without harassment, should be a right we all have regardless of what map we play on or how we choose to play.
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  17. I explained my math and I don't know why it confuses you. The wasteland goes out 5,000 blocks in each direction, making the width and height 10,000 blocks.

    This is a competitive game. People play to win, and winning involves cutting corners. If you spend an extra 10 minutes per trip compared with your competition, you are that much less successful. People also play to have fun, and going back and forth to a wasteland mine is not fun.

    I didn't bring a DC of pickaxes out there. I brought 3 partially used pickaxes. I left some partial stacks, ender chests, wood, a few diamonds, and minor tools like torches. I've been logged in every day checking the site and I would know if the wasteland was going to be reset.

    And I DO have a wilderness mine. However, I need quartz now. Plus, isn't the wilderness not supposed to be for mining? So really, what are players supposed to do? Not mine in the wilderness yet not build anything in the wasteland? When large-scale mining requires building to perform efficiently, it becomes impossible.
  18. It is actually 8000 x 8000.
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  19. Isn't that area of the wilderness you can't lock a chest in only there because it resets?
    If the whole wasteland resets, does that area even need to exist?

    Why not just allow locked chests anywhere in the wastelands like we do for most of the frontier? It does seem reasonable to me to want to mine slightly more than one can carry.
  20. Great. So 64,000,000 square blocks. Only 94.9% of the wasteland is free to lock chests in.
    I don't really think the issue of a reset or buffer zone is even relevant to the discussion. Chests that close to outposts provide little/no value anyways.
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