allow inventory on a friends horse

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  1. when u give ppl access 2 ur horse they can ride it, but they cannot open their inventory. i think thats not helping but only hindering ppl b/c they cant access their own inv. also. i understand its 2 protect ur saddle & armor, but why would i give ppl access if i dont trust them with that?

    maybe give ppl co-ownership?
  2. I r8 8/8
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  3. somethings me being careless i leave my horses out with stuff in them X-X this would suck for friends who need to "borrow" something
  4. +1 Would be same as giving container but for horses.
  5. Yeah this makes perfect sense
    If you are giving someone permission to ride your horse, then you are also giving them the ability to kill said horse, losing any items in the process
    So by that logic you should be able to trust your friends with the items in the horse