all u will need to win mob areana and more [CLOSED]

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  1. Item: all u will need to win mob areana and more

    Starting Bid: 16,000 Rupees

    Minimum Bid Increments: Only raise bids by at least 300 Rupees

    Auction Ending Time: Auction will end exactly in 3 days after last bid

    god bow swords diamond gear

    power III diamond x3 chest plate protection IV
    unbreaking III looting I pens protection IV
    flame I fire I helmet protection IV
    punch I bane of arthropods III boots fire protection IV
    infinity I
    iron x2
    sharpness II
    knockback I
    fire I

    iron picks x3 diamond axe

    silk touch I silk touch I
    eff III unbreaking III
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  2. You should really put [auction] on the heading...
  3. My head hurts after trying to understand that :confused:
  4. srry my bad hard to read there is a

    god bow=power III,unbreaking III,flame I,punch I, and infinity

    diamond sword=looting I,fire I,and bane of arthropods III x3
    iron sword=sharpness II,knockback I, and flame I x2

    iron picks=silk touch and eff II x3

    diamond axe=silk touch and unbreaking III

    diamond gear=chest,pens,and helmet protection IV and boots fire protection IV
  5. srry every1 for that first time i auction that much enchanted stuff
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  6. I know right, I was about to post to ask him to organize the thread. I'm not sure what's what. :p
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  7. Scratch that, I didn't refresh before posting.
  8. wow this is cool i need a little more tho :(
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  9. this is an auction by the way srry didnt put that
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  10. So luck I would have bid 20k but I need to save it
  11. A helpful little bump for thee :)
  12. That is not a god bow! God bow is power 5 unb 3 flame 1 punch 2 infinity 1
  13. Okay then I can make it power V

    so from now it's a power V
  14. And must be punch 2
  15. Sorry about the punch 2 I can't fined a book with that

    So punch 1

    Steal great tho
  16. That ok, just next time read the auction guide :)
  17. Okay will do

    And thetrufflehunter is in the lead with 16k
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  18. Bump! he asked me to by the way
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