[all servers] cobblestone factory for your lot - 25r + materials

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  1. I recently learned how to make what I think is the best cobble gen I've ever seen. You can see mine at SMP2 lot 4394. Mine is above ground due to me having sheep right below ground level, but they can be made so that you see absolutely none of if above ground until you turn it on and the stone pops up.

    I can make one for you for 25r if you provide the mats.

    The mats you will need are:
    • 4 pistons ( regular, not sticky)
    • about 20 red stone dust
    • a stack of whatever building block you want used - dirt, stone, brick, etc..
    • one repeater
    • one switch
    • 1 bucket of lava
    • 4 buckets of water (the buckets will be returned - and you don't actually need 4 if you have a replenish-able water source close by)
    Thats it.. You can find me in game mostly in the evenings or early morning - or drop me a line here and we can set up a time to meet on your lot. Please have the mats ready before hand.

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