"Adopt" (buy) a Villager!

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  1. EDIT: SOLD OUT SORRY! I'm not restocking, as the 1.2 update kind of makes importing villagers from the middle of the wild obselete.

    Fancy saving a villager from the zombie attacks that will be coming with 1.2?

    "Adopt" (buy) a villager egg from 12006 on smp6, for 150r each!

    I currently have about a chest full of stock, but if I start to go out of stock, I should be able to restock with a few hours notice... NOT ANYMORE... See edit above.

    As far as I know, I'm one of the first people to reliably import villager eggs for "adoption" (selling to people :p ), at least this is the first specific marketplace forum post about it.

    Here's a picture of me "saving" a villager :p :
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  2. I adopted a villager from XDjzz on smp2 last night. I love my little village idiot <3
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  3. I want 12 of them
  4. lol @ floating sand in the picture
  5. Haxxxxx
  6. hahahah
  7. Well, you know where to get them ;)
  8. Second actually :p Except my post got lost at the bottom of my magic shop thread
  9. Ahh, I do apologise :p

    Ok, i'm the second person to reliably import them. :p
  10. I will get them later when I have more money. 50o~ rupees and haven't opened up a small shop yet. Yup, long way to go.
  11. Yeah, when EMC updates to 1.2 they will, but you'd still have to collect them in the wild, pay the 100r eggification charge, and then carry them back to the nearest spawn.
  12. Can you... breed villagers?
  13. Well, you'll enjoy it, the whole way :D
  14. Slaver
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  15. Not yet, but I think they will take care of the breeding all by themselves after the update ;)
  16. I've had 2 on my res since the update 2 days ago and they haven't despawned yet. However, my res is right next to spawn, so there's probably a few players within the "things-don't-despawn" area most of the time. Thinking about it though, they don't despawn in the wild when there's nobody around, whereas squid do, so this suggests that they don't despawn, maybe.
  17. I have no idea, might be a bug, user error, or perhaps they do despawn, rarely. It might have glitched out of the res like sheep do perhaps, but I'm just guessing. I'm certain that villagers don't despawn in normal minecraft, so if they do, it's something with the plugin.
  18. I bought one! :)
  19. Ah thanks!
    ...of course, you mean you "adopted" one :p
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