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Add this?

Yes 27 vote(s) 90.0%
No 3 vote(s) 10.0%
  1. After getting my Eggnog from IcecreamCows' Utters, I searched the wiki for all the promos only to find that there is hardly any promos IN the wiki. So I was wondering if they could add a Promo Items category containing Saltar, Rudolph, Haunted Head, and all of that stuff. The main reason being that you want people to go to the wiki but the wiki is missing a few items that are in the Empire.
  2. Yeah it would be amazing if all the promotional items were also in the wiki! Good thinking! :D
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  3. i like the idea
  4. This idea would help a lot of collectors out there. I hope they make it.
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  5. Promo items belong to the wiki just like EMC special mobs imo! :)
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  6. Be sure to include those "accidental" and "weird" rares too.. Like the blue instructions :p
  7. Hrm, I suppose I could add some of them (later). We won't be adding every single item BUT will mainly add the promos everyone had a chance to get. Not things like Eggnog or Super Dragon Poop that are only available at drop parties.
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  8. Whut? :confused:

    Also this would be a very cool idea!
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  9. I think it'd be a worthwhile idea to list everything. It'd be interesting to know what's actually floating around in the Empire and there can't really be that much.

    Would also make it handy for anyone auctioning these items off.
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  10. Ok, perhaps just a miscellaneous page - The only issue with including these is that it is very difficult to figure out what all is out there. lol
  11. I'm confident that I know about everything. There might be some rare I'm unaware of but I know about almost everything like blue instructions, Krysyy's stars, etc. I could help with the page.
  12. Wondering if it's even something that's hidden in a log somewhere or is something that can easily be retrieved?
  13. nah, the only evidence left is the physical items floating around. :p If someone wants to make a complete list of anything/everything 'special'. Meaning anything with colored letters/words. It may be helpful to make a note if you have or know where I could get a pic. if needed.

    Edit: oh, and I will try and work on this tonight
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  14. If you need any pictures of specific items then you can come find me in game ;)
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  16. Sounds like a wonderful idea :)
  17. Do you know what super dragon poop is?
  18. I've created this page on the wiki:

    Everyone has the ability to edit it, but all edits are logged, so if you decide to go and mess it up, you'll just get punished (AKA, don't bother). Please just add to the list on that page if you find an item missing, and we'll work on adding it. The more detail you include, such as name color, lore, screenshots etc, the better.

    Thanks guys. :)

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  19. Thanks Jack.
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