[ACTION] DC of Stone

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  1. Action of a DC Stone (3456 stone blocks)
    Starting bid: 2,500r
    Minimum bid incrasse: 100r
    Ends 24 no bid
    Take away smp1 1375
  2. 16 hour's left
  3. to bid
    pls bid everyone
  4. 2500 rupees
  5. 18 hour's left for bidding
  6. 8 hour's left to bid
  7. 20 left to bid
  8. 1 hour left to bid
  9. wolves wins this auction! :)
    This auction is ended now
    wolves you can come get your stone on SMP1 1375
  10. I'll pay and pick up later today, thanks.
  11. okay see you than wolves :)
  12. This auction is ended
  13. Are you setting up a chest or access room?
  14. yes there will be a chest as you have payed
  15. This auction is ended
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.