"Ability to buy items without having to leave your residence"

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by kilmannan, Sep 13, 2012.

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  1. Whilst still being completely unable to find time to sit down and play EMC like I used to, I just checked in on Aikars update and saw the small line that said:

    "Ability to buy items without having to leave your residence"

    If this refers to buying items from other players shops on their Residences without leaving your own Residence, such as:

    /buy 20 white wool margaritte

    Can I just say that I think that is a horrific idea and one that will drastically impact on the social dynamic of zipping around player shops, seeing great new builds and interacting with people?

    I can see the logic behind it, but I think it's just generally a bad idea. I've met so many people shop-hopping as it were.

    Lets not give people the chance to miss out on that experience. Yes, it can be a ballache at times running back and forth, but, well, it's part of the experience!
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  2. This is already being added buy Aikar
  3. It's good for people who don't have time. But I see your point.
  4. You never - EVER actually read the post do you?

    That's classed as title skimming.


    Anyhow to the OP. I do agree on the point you made - However I've used the buy system on other servers (Very similar to EMC - Protected lots) and it actually really works extremely well.
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  5. Players will still have the option to do the /v randoming around if they wish. The idea here is to give options instead of forcing 1 side to deal with the other.

    Economy is not an ideal way to meet new people. "Hi, Heres all of my money, lets me friends" is not the typical social interaction you get.. Economy is usually business and not pleasure.

    We have much greater ways to get to know other people that are much much better than economy coming out soon.

    The Dragon update is the first one. This will greatly strengthen the community bond and let lots of players meet new people. There is another unannounced update I am devising that will even more extend that idea of community bonding too.

    Economy was the only way people really bonded before, but that is changing, and players will be having alot more stuff to do and wont be having time to spend 30 minutes trying to find a single item using /v random.

    But if thats what a player wants to do (see other peoples builds), then they can choose to do that on their own :)
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  6. I have a question - On a system I use you type /find Diamond - and it comes up with a list of how much people have and how much it costs - With a code to type to buy it - Will the system work just like this?
  7. He stated in the OP that he saw Aikar was doing this and is responding saying he doesn't like it. If you don't like him then stop responding to him? bam he's ignored. seeing as what you posted can be classified as rude.
    -edit didn't see josh post it.
  8. Yes this feature is planned to be added, but it will charge you a fee for this /quickbuy function. As such it is more cost effective to visit the players residence in question to buy direct.

    Think of it this way, you walk into a shop on the high street, buy the item for the shelf price and take it home, where as if you buy it online you have to pay for Postage & Packaging on top of the shelf price. This is the "same style" system being implemented in this instance.
  9. I don't think this has been mentioned yet - but with the possibility to purchase items from people without actually leaving your own residence.

    There will be a transfer charge - it won't be much but it will help encourage physically visiting their shop as well.
  10. Apart from not knowing what the hell's going on for half this post, then aye, I suppose with the Dragon Tomb, we've got a real alternative to using the Economy to meet people.

    I stand corrected!
  11. As stated, the only reason the economy is seen as such a "OMG this is how we communicate!" is because it's all we've really had/known for a while and when you think about it, as Aikar said as well, it's not really a good way to converse with one another. It's there and it works...but it's not TRUE Minecraft style. We wouldn't take away a way to do that without adding much better ways to do so, so no worries. :)
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  12. I assure you, with my upcoming features, you'll be meeting new people at 50x the rate you did with Economy :)
  13. Very possible -- However the whole interface to the shop system as described on the thread will hopefully change....

    Since the shop system will 100% for sure be after 1.4, I'm really hoping the 1.4 update brings us the ability to do client side GUI's.

    If it does, we will totally make a much more friendly interface with a GUI instead.
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  14. 50x the lag - Sounds like fun :)
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  15. There is going to be a feature to turn it off on your res if you want to. Just for the convenience of big malls.
  16. Not sure if you've paid attention to Aikar's methods lately, but he's pretty much going for anti-lag. ;)
  17. I'm really looking forward to this, as I have had less time to play on EMC since school has started up I really hate spending half my time on looking for one item.
  18. Let's not skew the topic. The one who began the fight will be receiving a short 30 minute ban.
  19. Removed some posts debating about the shop update that doesn't exist yet. Closing this topic as it was answered and we don't need to go off on more tangents about an update that's not close to happening yet. :)
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