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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Mrlegitislegit, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. I think ICC and Justin should bring back the sign that said "Sever best for newbies : (NEWEST SEVER HERE). Most of the older severs are been flooded with newbies spamming the chat and things like that, driving the older players to a newer sever, or even to a whole new sever. It might help the newbies get more help in less cramped severs, such as SMP9.
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  2. That would be great but then some of the older server's would not have very many players.
  3. I spent my first week or so on smp4 when it was the newest server. After a week or so I moved to smp1 and kinda adjusted there. I think the "noob" server is just a way to interact with some newer people and to learn the rules. Wanna stay on that server or move away? Do what you want. It is just a way of saying "many new players start here".
  4. No, I don't think. They should put it back. Smp9's population would flood with people and the others would be less populated. In my opinion, I think they shouldnt put It back.
  5. That's the point of the newer severs, is to have more people. The older severs where once a place for the older member's, but they seem to be full of the newest people. I remember when SMP3 barley ever had a new player come on. It was the original people on the sever, and that's about all. Now, we got someone new every day. it can be good, but when the first thing they say is, "HOW DO I GET A LOT?!?!?!" its not.
  6. Well, if you do live in a server full of newbies, just kve toa different server. Or like always use /ignore. Those are the ways that could help u.