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What do you think?

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  1. Hello everyone while walking around I thought about reses and things like that. And I am not a supporter but I am saving up to get one, then I had an idea! Non-supporter second reses. They are small 10x10 reses that you pay about 200r per day. How it would work. If you are a supporter and you dont want your second res you create the 10x10 areas and add res locations for each area. The person you rent out the area to then adds a message panel where you spawn for the location saying for example: "welcome to Guill's second res" then they build on it ect.
    one problem before you point it out yes if you give them admin you have to trust them. I would check out there history if they have ever greifed then say no if they have :p
    If this idea becomes a big thing maybe empire could own the reses!
    I am sorry if this makes no sense I don't know how to put it simply :p
    -Guill XD
    also my empire tab keeps on glitching out and this is the create thread url:

    its kinda freaking me out!
  2. So you rent a 10 by 10 area of some ones res?
  3. is it just me getting this?
  4. yes
  5. this is the glitching i was talking about
  6. This whole concept is called residence subzones and has been suggested probably 25+ times before. I don't expect you to know that unless you've actually seen it before, but I'll go ahead and let you know the staff decision on each and every one of these subzone suggestions ever since 2012.
    I.e everyone wants it but it probably won't happen within any realistic amount of time.
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  7. I.e never
  8. Ok i didn't know this has been suggested before :( I thought that I come up with something new
  9. Probably