A strange well...

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  1. A strange well has been noticed at 413. Nobody knows what it is or how it got there. Some say it has clues to an ancient civilization. Some say it's a hoax. All agree it's odd. Discover it for yourself, and comment on your experience with this odd well... Once you've done that, read the spoiler. DON'T READ until you've gone to 413 and seen the well for yourself, though!
    Going into the well leads you to a small adventure map that will eventually snake through the entirety of the residence, with pathways, tunnels, and traps galore. This is a small, alpha test to see the reaction from the community, and whether this style of map is appreciated. I plan to add new dungeons and challenges on a weekly basis, if not daily. Again, comment with your experience and suggestions!
  2. oa,Nice! I was wondering if you can add something to it...
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  3. Hopefully it turns out for you :)
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  4. Must.
  5. Woot! I was there before the public :D
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  6. How you managed to come at the right time, I have no idea.

    ...add what?

    And you saw it! :)
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  7. Updated for you guys. Click to view changelog! (don't worry, important details are spoilered)

    Added Parkour Challenge 1
    Added Booby Trapped Minerals Trap 1

    Added Herobrine's House

    Added huge plot twist (Introduction of Herobrine. He's not who you think he is!)

    Fixed spelling errors on signs
    Improved plot to allow for more things in the future
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  8. Awesome!
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  9. Yes. Much Yes.
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  10. And after u get on EMC ^_^
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  11. Sales! Looking foward to this, let me know if you need anything via pms.
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  12. Well, I'm back. (pun intended)
    Any suggestions for challenges, dungeons, etc. would be greatly appreciated!
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  13. Oh, cool! I hope I'll remember to go there. Almost read the whole text in the spoiler by accident >.<
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  14. More updates! As always, I spoilered the important stuff.

    Added Falling Floors Trap 1

    Added more interlocking tunnels to allow you to visit previously blocked off areas.

    Added Herobrine plot details

    Added cobble gen near [REDACTED]'s house.
    Added more creepy things.
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  15. Hey I checked your place out and it looks great! If you're looking for ideas I would maybe suggest some lava parkour, a maze with lava-fall walls, or maybe a pressure-plate maze that teleports you back to the start if u step on the wrong one.

    GREAT work though! :D
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  16. I was looking around there. Took pictures of the signs because I could.

    Power of bows to get around tripwires.
    I was honestly a little annoyed by this one.
    Didn't need a mod for that one.
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  17. Which mods are those?
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  19. I can be a bad boy *Puts on shades*
    I read it and I don't even have MC running.
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  20. I made it past your trap, you should give me destroy permission so I can have the gold I can't have.