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  1. most things in life now are not usually possitive, so here is a little project that i have been working on, that has just finished completion. Please dont critisise and say i copyed the smp3 ammusment maze, i actuarly asked justin to make this the offical EMC maze first. well i did copy the glass roof to stop people cheating :p! The maze is 60x60 5 high and entirely made of hedge, at the end of the maze theres it an RTS plate leading to an automatic sugercane farm that has an access everyone sign to operate :D. There are animals in the maze (muh hu hu). And there are not any torches to make it harder when it is dark. Here is a link to some pictures (i hope it works this is the first time ive uploded screeneshots) there isnt a live map pic there just in case people use it to cheat, happy mazeing!!!! :) the res is on 2201 smp1 "http://imgur.com/a/UghDj/embed"
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  2. I had to edit the screenshot link but it now works :D it is on smp1 2201
  3. guys does anybody care about the maze, as it is bearly ever used and no body has viewed it or complemented it on here. Who cares if i delete it
  4. It looks cool I'll have to try it when I'm on smp 1 :)
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  5. I tried it... didn't finish ...

    its a-maze-ing !
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