A Mall for all to Put a shop in

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  1. Hey everyone!

    Just wanted to let everyone know that Dazhadow and I are creating a mall on SMP8. We have collaborated with Oleyy and we would like everyone to come check it out! Res# 16037 It's not completed yet, but we want to get a count as to how many people would like to have a shop or restaurant and so on in the mall. If you have any ideas just let me know!!! This is a mall for ALL the servers to partake in.

    Thanks! and have fun mining!!
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  2. So could i mabye get a stall/room there for my CreeperMart franchise ?
  3. Absolutely! Just let me know how big of a room you will need. We will set it up for you!
  4. That font size/color is horrid to look at.
  5. Ok sweet i would like just a 20/15 (or a medium sized) room and i only ask to do the flooring my self :D
    Also how much will this cost?
  6. I would like a enchanted item room medium size please
  7. We are thinking of 100r a week. Sounds pretty fair since we are going to advertise on all the servers. There is going to be a ton of exposure. You will have full control of the design of your shop.
  8. ah ok sweet PM me when you want to set up a time to do this :)
  9. How much would a large shop be? I'm thinking of making a food shop.
  10. I'm going to go ahead and get all the dimensions and prices together and post them on here. This way it's all accurate and you all can pick what you want. Please take a stop by the mall and take a look at our progress. Let us know if you would like to help build as well we are offering discounts for those that are helping.
  11. Ok I want a large space please
  12. Ok no problem
  13. How do i apply
  14. Alright folks, here are the dimentions and prices of the different sized lots.

    Just let me know what size lot you want and we can set things up.
    small = 200 a month 75 a week D = 20L x 15W x 5H = 1500 block area
    smallx2 = 500 a month 150 a week D = 40L x 30W x 5H = 3000 block area
    smallx3 = 800 a month 250 a week D = 60L x 45W x 5H = 4500 block area

    medium = 1000 a month 275 a week D = 80L x 60W x 5H = 6000 block area
    medium + small = 1300 a month 350 a week D = 100L x 75W x 5H = 7500 block area

    medium + smallx2 = 1600 a month 450 a week D = 120L x 90W x 5H = 9000 block area
    medium + smallx 3 = 1900 a month 500 a week D = 140L x 105W x 5H = 10,500 block area

    mediumx2 = 2400 a month 650 a week D = 160L x 120W x 5H = 12,000 block area
    mediumx2 + small = 2700 a month 700 a week D = 180L x 135W x 5H = 13,500 block area
    mediumx2 + smallx2 = 3000 a month 800 a week D = 200L x 150W x 5H = 15,000 block area
    mediumx2 + smallx3 = 3300 a month 850 a week D = 220L x 165W x 5H = 16,500 block area
    large = 3600 a month 950 a week D= 240L x 180W x 5H = 18,000 block area
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  15. ill take the large for 950 a week 3600r a month
  16. May I ask how you are all handling the safety issues? As a mod I guess I like understanding what precautions and protections you have in place for this. I have a mall as well and we keep it small for the safety reasons. I would love to know how you are doing yours :)
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  17. I might get a room to, just have to talk to Oleyy first :D
  18. that's a great question how are U doing it?
  19. Yes mate talk to me via pm :)
  20. We will be sure of the security first.
    Liz has everything planned so if she replies it would be better :)