A few things about me!

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  1. I've only been here since 4/15/14. About me: :) I live in Florida, I love writing stories and little poems, I'm 12 years old, and I love video games. My goal is to become a writer when I'm older, but right now I'm in middle school... ugh. I'm a pretty quite person if you ever meet me in person, I love watching MLP: Fim, and I am indeed a pegasister, and proud to be one. Sometimes people might pick on me or make fun of me because I'm small and weak, but that doesn't mean I'm not like everyone else. I'm new here, and this is a pretty cool server. I've only been on here for a few days. Even if my skin might look like a boy skin, I'm actually a girl. :D And I love stuffed animals! I like to collect them. :p Now you know a little about me! ;)
  2. Hoorah! Welcome to the Empire! =) I've been seeing you very frequently on the forums, and I hope to meet you sometime in-game!
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  3. Welcome! I have read you poems, they are great! My Little Pony, For The Win! :D
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  4. Thanks! I hope to meet you in-game, too! I've been on the forums a lot lately. It's fun to post things, poems, thoughts, and suggestions about things. :D And random gifs.

    Where did I get make my signature? http://signaturecraft.us/
  5. Is it wierd that I'm usually on the forums more than the server itself?
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  6. Haha, there is some forum lurkers that don't actually come on much (or at least I don't see them much) in-game. Sometimes people need a break from the in-game stress, and they'll run off to lurk the forums.
  7. Didn't know that...
  8. Welcome iNachos!
  9. Welcome to the Empire iNachos. Enjoy your stay. :) I understand that 607 is a forum lurker. :p
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  10. 607 what? XD
  11. Hey welcome!

    P.S. 607 is a member here. He's on the forums a lot. :)
  12. Oh... does he ever appear in game?
  13. I guess i am a bit of a forum lurker :D
  14. Welcome to EMC :)

    Which SMP did you chose for your home?
  15. Nope. I can go weeks without logging in in-game but I spend a whole ton of time on the forums (as evidenced by my rank on the highest poster's list, lel :p).