a bit of Japan, anyone?

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  1. So, I have this block of residences, that I plan to build in an old traditional Japan-theme.

    So far I did build on only one res, because I planned to have the roads edited in order to fit a big sitting buddha statue, that would be the center of it all. I designed it, then spent litterally monthes gathering the necessary gold. Then I was off EMC for a while and came back just recently. And lo! I finally got to this road edit!

    Soooo... I've gone MC-berserk and finished the sitting buddha!
    There he is :

    if you want to have a peaceful meditation at the feet of the Buddha, you're welcome there :D

    (main res is smp9, 18902, the buddha is seen on this picture from 19028)
  2. and it is time for some update.

    The reses are now surrounded by a wall, but there is an entrance :

    it is still fairly empty, but for around the buddha :

    on the left : a pagoda in a forest of centuries-old cypresses, with a blossoming cherry tree.

    and a little bamboo-pond at the rear.

    On the right side, you have the ryokan (a kind of guest house/hotel) :

    with the open-air bath, hidden from sight by bushes and a bamboo curtain, at the back.

    It has a resting/dining, straw-matted, open dining area with a nice view on the garden.

    The ryokan has a VIP room too, with its own sheltered garden.

    The inside is still bare, but from some tokonoma (decorative area, with a hanging calligraphy and some flowers arrangement).

    There is still so much to add, and so much space to fill in I'm getting dizzy just thinking about it!
    among the projects to be : a gong-bell, horse-stables, a monastery part maybe, with cells maybe, a kind of village? with a swampy part with a magician hut? an underground area?
  3. Looking great so far :) I'll check it out in-game sometime!
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