[963 / 1070] Cheap bulk wool in all colours!

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  1. It's soft. It's fluffy. Yes, we're selling the material every reasonable set of clothes is made out of. Wool in 4-bit colour quality: 16 colours, because that is how Minecraft works apparently. :D

    Our wool goes for a cheap 1.75 rupees per fluff, which equates to roughly 6k per double chest. It can be bought in bulk quantities too! Bulk buying is encouraged. We currently have more than eight double chests of every colour in stock.

    You can find our wool at 963 and 1070 on smp1 - whichever number you prefer. ;)

    If you have any comments regarding price or improvements or anything at all, please don't hesitate to pm us (instead of posting to the thread - so the thread can remain clean).


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  3. Fluffy bump! :)

  4. Another fluffy bump! :)

  5. Another fluffy bump! :) Over 8 double chests of each colour are in stock now, with the highest stocked items having more than 12 double chests in stock. :)

  6. Bump! :) More red wool in stock now than ever; over 9 double chests to your availability! :)

  7. SALE! We have decided to give you a discount on some wool! Be quick: first come, first serve! This discount only lasts as long as the stock lasts! Buy our wool today at 963 and 1070!

    All wool in the second column of chests goes for just 1.5 rupees per block, or 864 rupees per 9 stacks!

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  8. Bump! The above offer is still standing, for whatever wool is still left! Be quick before it's gone! :)

  9. Bump! :) Please send me a PM if you have any feedback (for example regarding prices), we're always looking to improve our service, and feedback from others helps us achieve this. :)
  10. Bump! Even more in stock now! :)