9280 Shopping Mall! Floors For Sale!

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  1. Welcome To 9280!

    As the title may of said floors are for sale at 9280, its a brand new shopping mall not owned by 1 person but by the users!!*

    Floors cost only 2.5k and make there money back FAST!

    I brought one from the owner, (Fellyboy) and have made about 10k! Not because I advertise but he does too. And having owned by user's it gets advertised by loads of different people and when someone says: "Buying Item X" we can say "On Sale At 9280!" bringing money to you and others!

    So contact me or Fellyboy!

    Me, In Game Or Forums
    Fellyboy, In Game ONLY!

    Any questions or comments just ask!
  2. What server is it on?