8 tips for saving your Ruppees!

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  1. - Try not to buy from a "mega mall", it is normally 1 and a half times more expensive then a small shop.
    - Explore all the server, some shops are very very cheap!
    - Buy in bulk.
    - Try not to buy more then you need.
    - Be on the look out for ad boards & chat ads.
    - Pay close attention to shop signs ( Similar words like leather and feather can confuse you)
    - Never buy from empire shop!
    - Bargain for goods!

    That's some tips that I learnt irl and minecraft!
  2. Good to know. :)
  3. Err how abou DON'T SPEEND ANY!
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  4. Forgot another tip: Just live in the wild, It's great place to be at. :D
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  5. Also to save is more easy when you have a steady income
  6. Wild perk: There are wither skeletons who give you free skulls.