730 Enchanted Books

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  1. I enchant at least 25 books a day so most of the time all but a few books are in stock.
    If more people start buying regularly I think I'll try for at least 40 books a day.
    Anyways here are my prices and info about the Enchantment Place.

    Server: SMP1
    Residence: 730
    Directions: Type /v 730 then walk forward towards the sign that says Enchant Shop. look to your right.


    Armor Related Books

    Respiration III - 1000r
    Aqua Affinity - 450r
    Feather Falling IV - 750r
    Thorns III - 1200r
    Protection IV - 1350r
    Protection III - 1150r
    Fire Protection IV - 1200r
    Blast Protection IV - 1200r
    Projectile Protection IV - 1200r
    Fire Protection III - 1000r

    Tool Related Books

    Efficiency III - 1200r
    Efficiency IV - 1800r
    Efficiency V - 3100r
    Fortune III - 1900r
    Fortune II - 1200r
    Silk Touch - 450r
    Unbreaking III - 1700r
    Unbreaking II - 1000r

    Bow Related Books

    Infinity - 500r
    Flame - 500r
    Punch I - 250r
    Punch II - 550r
    Power III - 800r
    Power IV - 1100r
    Power V - 1900r

    Sword Related Books

    Fire Aspect II - 700r
    Knockback II - 800r
    Looting III - 1800r
    Smite IV - 550r
    Bane of Arthropods IV - 500r
    Sharpness V - 1950r
    Sharpness IV - 1100r
    Sharpness III - 700r
  2. This looks awesome! I've been looking for a place like this for a while now! :)
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  3. When you say you enchant 25 books per day, what level is this at and do you usuallly combine low level books? Sorry just I am trying to get an enchanted items store, as I have for over a year, though I have never gotten round to it...
  4. 30 , no
  5. How do you get to level 30 so many times per day?
  6. I thought that you meant 730 enchanted books lol
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  7. Thought I would try it out, " This shop Item is not recognized " Darn.
  8. Yeah, same. I was expecting an auction of 730 books XD

    Looks cool though, I'll check it out :)
  9. Endertopia is how I get mine. It's the public enderman farm... on Utopia.
  10. In Dystopia, Endermen farm you!
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