4 Quotes 1 Fake

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  1. A Long Time Ago, i'n a Galaxy far, far away....
    (A day ago in the bathtub 10 meters away)
    I came up with an idea for a great forum game, kinda based off 9 truths 1 lie. (Alice, if you read this, tell me what sort of self-plug you want here :p)
    Anywho, it is a game where you list 5 quotes. They must all be from the same book/movie/TV show/whatever it is that these quotes are from.
    however, one is a fake. For example,

    1. I'm just a blonde monkey to you, aren't I?
    2. So, did you play with [character name]'s big telescope last night?
    3. Troglodytes.
    4. This is going to be fun.
    5. It's A bird! It's a plane! it's... I forgot the rest.

    So, can you guess it? You've got a 1/5 shot! I want to see what you can make....
    AND GO! :p
  2. Is it 4.?
    And could I do quotes from an English teacher I had ages ago?
  3. 1. Yes
    2. No
  4. 1. Kitty!
    2. What does this place make?
    3. Now put that thing back where it came from, or so help me. So help me!
    4. Ook-lay in the ag-bay
    5 C'mon. Fight the plaque!
  5. 3?
  6. Nope
  7. try again :p
  8. 4? (pleasepleasepleaseplease)
  9. We're narrowing it down now...
  10. 2?
  11. 1. 1 fat hen and a couple of ducks...
    2. No Time, to explain!
    3. 123 all the boys and girls, we gunna party like it's Friday night....
    4. And I said, The doctor WAS the Giraffe!
    5. Ew. Twitch has a dirty mind [directed towards your sig princebee]
  12. There we go :D
    Monsters Inc btw
  13. Possibly 5?
  14. Yep. :p
    Also check out this game:

    I'd tell you about it, but there's NO TIME TO EXPLAIN.
    ;3 :p
    2. Sh*tstorm
    3. What the hell are you doing?
    4. McLennon
    5. The sexy end-screen dance