2016 - Make a Million in a Year

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Do you think I can make it?

Yeah! :D 81 vote(s) 85.3%
No! -.- 14 vote(s) 14.7%
  1. -- Million in a year challenge --

    I DO N OT HAVE 1,000,000 yet! I asked for money for a pic... lol Haha... Thanks MoeMacZap =P
    So, like many other players, I have wanted to reach a goal of 1,000,000r on EMC!
    I've never been able to do that :( But now, I plan on reaching a goal of 1 million rupees by the end
    of this year! I want you guys to try with me!
    Every month, I'll post an update to my rupee balance and hopefully, I'll make it!
    - Rules -
    You can't get 1,000,000 from FDNY21 just to take a picture of it.
    You start with around 0 Rupees,
    And finally, have fun!

    Also, to make sure I get to my goal, if I don't reach my goal, You all will make some money from me!
  2. -- Update Post --
    January - 0
    February - 440,000r!
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  3. "around 0 rupees" Not like you can have below it ;)
    Anyway: I do think you can do it!
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  4. Good luck on your noble quest. Now may I ask what you intend to do with your fortunes once aquire?
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  5. Not a clue! =P I may buy a few Supporter Vouchers and give them away... Any suggestions? Thanks!
  6. I've done it in less than a week before;) Challenge accepted.
  7. "King Of RuppeZ" XD
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  8. I joined EMC about 100 days ago. So I began my journey to make a million rupees since then. Just need 700k more hahaha. ;)
  9. I bought stuff and gave away money to bring be down to 0r XD A 980k to go :I
  10. Just did it in less than ONE day.
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  11. Starting with no items and no rupees? :p
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  12. > transfers money to alt
    > has loads of rare promos
    > sells all rare promos cheap for quick sale
    > gets 1 million rupees in an hour
  13. ill just sell my icc eggnog and ill be there ;) teehee
    anyways challenged accepted
    (no i wouldnt sell my eggnog ever)
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  14. Just gotta have one good item and you could say you earned a million instantly, if you start the challenge right before you sold it.
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  15. Original dragon egg anyone?
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  16. Step 1: Don't buy anything.
    Step 2: Vote every day on as many of the vote sites as you can.
    Step 3: Achieve 1 million rupees in one year easily.

    ta da. :D
  17. Less than 5 minutes, ONE-UPPED BRO
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  18. There was no challenge issued here. This is a chronicle of what this player is doing. Lets keep it on track.
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  19. I love to either hoard money and buy something that costs every penny of it, or just buy constantly :p so this challenge might not work for me but I'll try it.
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  20. I'm sure you can do it Wolfpack! Heck, a pack of wolves can be ferocious and dangerous; a group of winners!

    But as with all things you probably can't do it fully on your own; you'll need a little help. From our community. And I shall give you a nice (small!) donation to help you on your way.

    It's my soon to be patented "From zero to hero" toolkit: everything you need to gain fame & fortune. It consists of a very special selection of items: 1 dirt block, 2 wooden planks, 1 block of iron and 1 rupee. I'll send it your way as soon as I'm online (soonish). Trust me: it's the road to success. All you have to do is use it properly.