2014 Christmas Event Suggestions

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  1. I just came up with some ideas and promos for the Christmas Event that I'd like to share with everyone!

    Super pigs (like me) could spawn during the twelve days of Christmas and drop Christmas Ham upon death. Christmas Feast chests could spawn at random places in the wilderness, too.

    One promotional item could be a snowball that can be thrown indefinitely.

    Another promotional item, that can only be bought at the Empire Shop, could be Frosty the Snowman. Frosty would not leave a trail of snow whenever he wanders around your residence.

    Alternatively, another Rudolph could be a promotional item; 2014 edition.

    Santa Claus armor with some enchantments would be neat.

    Cookies for Santa! A furnace, like the Haunted Candy dispenser thing, could dispense some special cookies every 24 hours.

    A Candy Cane sword could be something.

    a Christmas Tree map art thing, anyone?

    tl;dr -
    -Christmas Ham
    -Christmas Feast (chest)
    -Snowball (infinite)
    -Frosty The Snowman
    -Rudolph 2014 Edition
    -Santa Claus Armor
    -Cookie Furnace
    -Candy Cane Sword
    -Christmas Tree map art (like the flags)

    EDIT: added the last item to the list
  2. I love the idea of the snowball, I myself have thought this would be a cool item to have :D
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  3. Candy Cane sword would be cool if they could make it candy cane colored.

    I don't think we should re-use the whole cooked ham/feast chest thing.
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  4. Candy Cane Sword, Frosty the snowman, infinite snowball, santa claus armor, cookie furnace YES.

    Also maybe a new disc that could use note block notes to do jingle bells?
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  5. I agree with wkramer79, we've just had the thanksgiving one. I like all the other ideas though, especially the snowman one!
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  6. Like this?
    In bottom spoiler!

  7. That's awesome! I really like it! :D

    and note that whoever made the explanation for the final attribute also made a grammatical error. Aikar could have done it..... "can not" should be "cannot"
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  8. Ah, sorry was made like at 1am. I was brain fried.
  9. There is a gray area when it comes to 'can not' and 'cannot'. Some say that 'can not' and 'cannot' are interchangeable, it is just that 'cannot' is more usual. Some say that 'can not' implies emphasis (It would make sense in this situation).
    This one website states that 'cannot' implies that there is no chance that somebody can carry out the activity whilst 'can not' implies that a person can still do the action.

    I would say that it is not grammatically wrong at all. I can not change this tool and I cannot change this tool both mean the same thing. Think of it as Color and Colour - they are both the same thing but they are spelled differently.
  10. Remember there is now a promo suggestions google form you can fill out. This helps it so the staff can see all suggestions in one place and see trends, etc =) Could help determine the actual promo...

  11. You can use my images if you wanna :)
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  12. Nice ideas :)
    Although I don't really care about what we get :p
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  13. I think that you should give more non Christmas-y choices because I know people who don't celebrate Christmas
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  14. Then it wouldn't be a christmas event.
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  15. D: don't celebrate Christmas but but why
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  16. No I celebrate Christmas but I know people who play and they don't and sadly they don't know who Santa is.
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  17. Well, if you're Jewish, I would understand that you don't celebrate Christmas, because you believe Christ didn't actually resurrect.
    Plus, most of these suggestions have something to do with the Christmas as it is celebrated in the USA, and most Dutch people (don't know about other European countries) definitely don't do anything with Santa Claus, christmas trees or candy cane.
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  18. I have updated the main post; check it if you want to see what I have added to it :)
  19. they sound pretty good, maybe don't put it in /shop? just a suggestion :p makes it rarer :p
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