20 Days on EMC Monument

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  1. Can't believe it's been 20 days already, but since it has, I decided to post my current stats and the monument I made for my 20th day.


    Current Rupees/Tokens

    Current Rares/Promos collection.
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  2. You have accumulated more wealth in 20 days than I have in over 1,000.

  3. Let's keep the thread on topic folks.
  4. how u do dis
  5. Buying and Selling promos as much as you can, and learning supply and demand on your SMP.
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  6. What texture pack is that? :)
  7. Faithful 32, it is pretty much vanilla, it just smooths things out.
  8. You've been on for twenty days and you're just about as rich as myself. I've been on for almost 1400 days.

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