1111 Enchanting Store

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Faithcaster, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. Zk857.jpg
    Faithcaster & ATOMICFARTHEAD's
    Will open at Residence #1111 August 1
  2. Thanks Mate :D
    GL with 4007.
  3. Let me guess August 1st is the day 1.3 is rumored to come out :p
  4. Not rumored, Jeb has confirmed it on twitter.
  5. Love it, it looks so nice defenatly visiting (wont spend anything because I'm bad at saving the highest I've ever got is 5k)
  6. You guys totally beat Gob and I, looks like were outta business. :(
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  7. That building could need some Glowstone :D
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  8. We built it when I had 77r :p
  9. Waitwaitwait what server is this on?
  10. Are you buying enchantment from people, I think you already told me this once on smp2 but i have slept since then :)
  11. DefiantPie : Its on SMP 1
    Dwight5273 : I moved the whole thing to SMP 1
  12. alright i check it out , just to look around until the 1st
  13. We are taking Orders.