1000 days AMA

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  1. Well as the title says, I had past my 1000th day here on EMC, a few days ago.
    I have never done one of these so I don't know what the outcome will be...
    If your curious to know something about my self, feel free to ask. I'm open to most questions. :)
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  2. Bump?...
  3. Is your name Pat, and are you lucky?
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  4. Yes it is, due to my birthday on Saint Pat's day, thats why my name is what it is :)
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  5. Well first, well me to the club!
    Do you play other games?
    If so what are they?
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  6. I do enjoy playing MW2 on PC. I also play BF4 on PS3, would love to play that on a good PC but they are very pricey. :)
  7. Oh man, I'm slipping. I totally forgot to ask what you saw when your eyes were opened.
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  8. The light shining through the cracks of my curtains I guess ;3
  9. congrats pat
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  10. which type of pizza do you like, also do you like mashed potatoes, and what is your feelings towards same sex marriage, and what made you stay on EMC for 1000 days, and how lucky are you on a scale of 1-10?
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  11. Thanks!
    I really likd Hawaiin, yes I like mashed potatoes. Well if someone decides to be involved in a same sex marriage if they have the preference I guess they can do what they like. My friends :D, and sometimes my name decieves me lol so a 7 :3
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  12. !!!
    you are amazing
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  13. Ok ok... are you my friend best friend really best friend or worst friend?
    and 1000 days like bro thats too much :p
  14. Either of the the first 2, but I prefer you as my derp friend :D
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  15. Who is your favourite soldier in Band of Brothers and why?
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  16. Happy 1000th days. 1. what is your favorite number. 2. Favorite day of the week 3. Any plans for ever joining mumble
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  17. Probably George Luz, funny character.
    Lucky 17. Friday. And no :|
  18. Bump
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